Vox launches to capitalize on the outrage at the government’s management of the coronavirus crisis

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The party of Santiago Abascal celebrates this Saturday demonstrations throughout Spain with the permission of the courts

Vox voters are protesting against the Government from a car, this Wednesday, in Madrid.

Vox launches this Saturday to capitalize on the street the wave of outrage against the Government for the management of the coronavirus crisis and the state of alarm, which has been incubating since March and which is dramatically reflected in the high number of deaths and infected, the alleged mistakes made and the worrying economic and employment consequences.

Santiago Abascal’s party has taken advantage of all this burden of social discontent to organize what will be the first demonstration by car against the Executive, and will do so to demand the resignation of Pedro Snchez and Pablo Iglesias with caravans of vehicles in all the provincial capitals. of the country.

Although the Vox call was announced several weeks ago, the demonstration by car comes at a particularly turbulent time on the streets and in a political context that even designed by the Vox leaders would not have been so propitious for the times.

The agreement of the PSOE with EH Bildu, with the ink of the pen still undried, has further raised the spirits in certain sectors of the right. And this coincides in time, in addition, with the escalation ofcasserolesstreet.

Inside the vehicle and with masks

What began in Madrid’s Nez de Balboa street has spread throughout much of the country. And it has even left dangerous drifts – condemned by all parties – such as the escraches in the homes of Iglesias and Jos Luis balos.

In this high-voltage environment, Vox calls on citizens to express their anger at the government with caravans in all the provincial capitals. Protesters have to go inside their vehicles to participate and to ensure that no one’s health is endangered. As it has happened with crowds of people like the ones seen these days ago in some cities.

In this way, attendees will be able to maintain a safe distance and will not be in physical contact with other people. Vox, in addition, calls to come protected with masks.

The demonstrations can be held throughout Spain after this Friday theSuperior Court of Justice of CataloniaIt would lift the prohibition of the Government Delegation, as happened in Castilla y Len.

Catalua: “It is not acceptable to prohibit it”

The court indicates that “it does not seem to be acceptable to prohibit a demonstration in vehicles when it turns out that, ordinarily, people can walk around the city during generous time slots, without a numerical limit, under the sole condition of doing so keeping their distances and wearing a mask “

“Nothing indicates that[…]can translate into significant harm to people’s lives or health; and admitting a prohibition based on mere guesswork would be a clear break of the fundamental right of peaceful assembly and demonstration, in addition to a dangerous precedent. “

Madrid will be the epicenter of the protests and have the participation of Abascal and the entire leadership. The caravans start at 12 noon, and in the capital it does so from the Plaza de Cibeles. The circular route continues through Coln, Goya, Serrano and Puerta de Alcal.

The Government Delegation will concentrate 150 agents of the National and Municipal Police to monitor the development of the protest. Only cars and motorcycles may attend and the occupants must wear face masks. In the case of automobiles, it is not recommended to roll down the windows and also do not take out a hand. Not to wave a flag.

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