Vox presents its candidacy in Guadalajara –

He reports that more than fifty applications have been submitted in the province.

Vox Candidacy Presentation in Guadalajara 3From left to right: Iván Serrano, candidate for Cortes CLM; Javier Toquero, candidate for the Guadalajara city council; the national deputy José María Sánchez and David Moreno candidate for the presidency of CLM. Photo GUdiary.

On Sunday morning, Vox presented its candidates for Guadalajara at a public ceremony. On a sunny morning, more than 100 supporters gathered in the Plaza de Beladíez to meet their candidates. The act was opened by the candidate for the Cortes of Castilla La Mancha, Iván Sanchez, presenting the participants in this meeting.

In his speech, Iván Sánchez referred to different issues that have been topical in recent weeks, reproaching both the Popular Party and the Socialist Party on several occasions, often describing their actions as “shallow”. With regard to Health, he focused his criticism on the situation of the transfer of the hospital and the delay that has occurred in its construction in more than 11 years. He advocates in his intervention to reinforce the agreements with Madrid and even to suppress the “borders” between both autonomous communities. Also referring to the rural environment, Sánchez criticized the fact that in recent decades no party has launched a National Hydrological Plan that communicates the surplus water basins that Vox promotes.

Vox Candidacy Presentation in Guadalajara 1The names of five of the candidates who will run for the Guadalajara city council were revealedGiving way to Javier Toquero, has presented the first five candidates that make up the list that Vox presents for the Guadalajara consistory. These are, in addition to the head of the list, José María Antón, Víctor Morejón, Sagrario Múñoz and Eva María Henche.

The head of the party in Guadalajara also announced that More than 50 applications have been submitted throughout the province, compared to the 11 submitted in 2019.

Regarding the situation of the capital, Toquero believes that Guadalajara is a city “to a certain extent more distanced from those of us who live here” and you think it has “lost the relationship between people and go back to living as we lived before”. Think there are areas and services in Guadalajara “abandoned” Making an impact on the cleaning service for those who believe it is necessary to renew.

On security issues, Toquero believes that there is a lot to solve, not only with more police but redistributing their presence in hours and points. Javier Toquero makes a defense of the traditions that he sees “who are in danger” both at the level of rights, way of life, labor and culture by current governments and laws.

Vox Candidacy Presentation in Guadalajara 2The party that will grow the most

The candidate to preside over the Junta de Castilla La Mancha, David Moreno, is convinced that in these elections Vox will have great representation in many town halls and also in the Cortes of Castilla La Mancha. “Vox is going to be the party that is going to grow the most in these elections, we are going to gain strength in these elections”, added. After discussing the benefits of the lands of Guadalajara and already involved in rural reference issues, David Moreno advocates a boost to rural tourism in Guadalajara that complements farmers and ranchers with their incomes in the face of the crisis they are experiencing and becomes in “economic motor” from the area.

The deputy in the congress José María Sánchez attended this presentation in Guadalajara. The national deputy for Guadalajara, Ángel López Maraver, did not attend.

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