VR browser Wolvic 1.1 released

Wolvic, the browser for virtual and mixed reality, was released in the final version 1.1 and brings some improvements.

Igalia has released Wolvic 1.1. Wolvic is a browser for virtual and mixed reality, which is based on the discontinued Firefox Reality. The current version is available for download in the Meta Quest Store and in the Huawei App Gallery.

Innovations of Wolvic 1.1

With the update to Wolvic 1.1, Mozilla’s underlying Gecko engine was upgraded from version 96 to version 105. This brings significant improvements to the web platform, with Igalia highlighting improved audio support in particular.

The OpenXR backend has been extended to include support for haptic feedback, which means that this feature is no longer only available for Oculus devices, but also for Huawei devices, for example.

Another new feature for Huawei devices (currently exclusive) is the new kiosk mode, in which no browser interface is visible.

In addition, Push Kit is now supported by Huawei as a push message service.

As always, there were various bug fixes, improvements to WebXR support and under the hood, as well as improved translations.