VW at electric cars on Tesla level, says expert


In November, VW launched the production of the compact car ID.3, the first model of the new electric car series ID. The product family is based on the modular E-drive modular MEB. With the new technology, according to car professor Ferdinand Dudenhöffer, VW is catching up with e-mobility.

"With the MEB platform and the first car on this platform, the ID.3, makes VW in electric mobility a very big leap forward and is on Tesla level," said Dudenhöffer, automotive expert of the University of Duisburg-Essen, in an interview with the stock exchange portal wallstreet: online,

With the MEB VW is ahead of other classic automakers: the architecture allow electric cars that can be realized without compromise for additional variants with diesel or gasoline engine. The VW concept is thus comparable to that of Tesla, which is based on designed from scratch as an electric car car.

The MEB platform using ID.3 as an example (click to enlarge)

The VW ID.3 is something like the Tesla in the compact class segment, said Dudenhöffer. New electric cars such as the Opel Corsa-e, in which the internal combustion engine is replaced by an electric motor and the batteries are housed in a combustor platform, are always the second best solution. "VW has the 'first best' with the ID.3 and the MEB platform," says Dudenhöffer.

The MEB is at the center of Volkswagen Group CEO Herbert Diess' electric car offensive. He has announced that he will help the alternative type of drive to make a breakthrough and make the Wolfsburg to the leading provider in the industry. As in the past, he trusts in group-wide modular technology.

With the MEB, Diess wants to eliminate the high costs and technical disadvantages of retrofitting vehicles converted to battery drive. The brands of the Volkswagen Group, alongside VW such as Audi, Seat and Škoda, are working on various models based on the MEB. In order to reduce prices by large quantities, the architecture is also made available to competitors outside the group. In addition, Ford and the Aachen e-car startup e.GO Mobile are the first to use the MEB.


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