VW has confirmed the creation of the Scout brand, will develop electric SUVs and pick-ups for the USA

Recent speculation about the revival of the International Scout brand has been true. Production of the new electric models is scheduled to begin in 2026, as confirmed directly by the VW Group.

For a long time now, information has been appearing on the air, according to which Volkswagen is considering taking advantage of the huge demand for off-road and pick-ups on the American market, as indicated by several concepts. In addition, with the advent of electrification, which is an important topic for Volkswagen, the carmaker could take the opportunity to establish itself in the new segment that is now emerging.

In addition, at the end of last summer, there was speculation that Volkswagen could use the revival of the classic Scout brand to enter a new segment in the US market, which was an overseas symbol for off-road vehicles, pick-ups and later light commercial vehicles.

Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal came up with unconfirmed information, according to which the brand’s board of directors was to decide during the day whether the US brand would recover in the US market or not. Today, however, we already know that the decision was positive and the VW Group will soon grow with a new brand.

It should be called Scout, it will be intended only for the American market, it should produce electric trucks and robust SUVs and it should start production as early as 2026, as the VW Group boasted during the evening.

Following the successful turnaround of Volkswagen in the US, we decided to take the opportunity to further strengthen our position in one of the most important growing markets for electric vehicles., “Said Herbert Diess, CEO of the Volkswagen Group. “Electrification brings a historic opportunity to enter the very attractive segment of pickups and R-SUVs, which underlines our ambition to become relevant players in the US market.

At the same time, the Scout brand will not take over existing Volkswagen Group models, but create completely new ones. From design, through the construction of technical prototypes to the production of production vehicles. From the very beginning of the process, the cars should be built directly according to American specifications.

As already mentioned, the brand will bear the name Scout, which will make Volkswagen one of the iconic American off-road manufacturers. VW should take the first steps towards the official establishment of the company this year, by 2024 we should see prototypes of a new pickup and a robust SUV, and if everything goes according to plan, then in 2026 production cars should roll off the production line.

The company we will establish this year will be a separate unit and brand within the VW Group so that it can be managed independently,Said Arno Antlitz, Chief Operating Officer of the VW Group. “This is in line with the new management model in our group – small units that act agile and have access to our technical platforms to exploit synergies.

It is not yet clear where the new brand’s cars will be manufactured, but according to the concern, the entire facility should be based in the USA. The basis of the new models should then be a new technical concept of the platform, which will probably be based on the existing VW platform, or could benefit from the cooperation between VW and Ford. However, we will have to wait for more information.

Recall that the name Scout will be based on the International Scout model, produced in the 1960s, which was one of the main competitors of the Jeep brand at the time. The model was available as an SUV and pick-up. In addition to passenger cars, International Harvester also offered commercial vehicles, tractors, tractors, farm equipment, engines, etc.

The company was closed in 1985 and only the Navistar International division, which produces tractors and commercial vehicles, survived. This was bought by the Volkswagen Group in 2020 through the Traton commercial vehicle division, thus acquiring the rights to the Scout label.