VW will overtake Tesla by 2025

Herbert Diess continues also says it won’t be easy, though this is the goal.

Everyone will be first

Recent statement from the CEO of the VW Group similar to what the GM chief said a few days ago. Mary Barra then stated that by the middle of the decade, General Motors will sell more electric cars in North America than anyone – and anyone includes Tesla, he pointed out.

GM sold less than 30,000 electric cars in North America in 2021, with Tesla roughly 370,000.

Now Herbert Diess has made a similar statement, when the The Financial Times Future of the Car (The Future of the Car) was asked about the company’s electrical future. According to the head of VW their goal is to become the world’s largest electric car manufacturer by 2025.

It will be a tight match, but we will not give up. I have to say, we didn’t expect our main American rival to be so fast and prepared, Diess added.

By the way, the middle of the decade will be an extremely important year in the life of VW, as the next generation electric car, codenamed Trinity, will appear in 2026, and the appointment of the CEO will expire at the end of 2025. Under VW’s current internal rules, Diess could otherwise remain in the position until the age of 68, but this would also require the approval of two-thirds of the board. Diess will be 66 years old in 2025.

Volkswagen Trinity – that’s what it looks like for now.

In the first quarter of 2022, the VW Group shipped just under 100,000 while Tesla delivered 310,000 electric cars. The German group is struggling with production constraints, as we reported the other day for this year, the order quantity has already run outwhich they can produce.

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