After the clock in W. T. had reached zero in the play-off round of the play-off 34 in the first round of Robinson against Robinson, the offense of the Cavaliers attracted the local spectators in Fairfax County to be louder.

It was a modest, confident response to a post-season victory that seemed to have been the Cavaliers, No. 1 germ cell in Virginia, in the sixth century. But that's not really true. Not for a long time.

The last playoff victory of the program took place in 2009. This was also the last time the team scored a record before this year's 9-1 win.

"We are number one for a long time now. It should not happen. 10-1? Should not happen. Because we are Woodson, "said senior defender Gurlal Nijjar. "But that's the chip on our shoulder. We have to go out every week and give everything because we have no respect. "

Perhaps the Cavaliers, co-champions of the Patriot District, were so quiet after winning the Friday night that they got used to winning after a season that surprised many outside their locker room.

"We are firmly convinced that we are not in this position by accident or coincidence," said coach Jared Van Acker.

Van Acker, who came from Battlefield in May 2017, said this season was partly determined by the comfort that comes with the experience. The team has 31 seniors, a class the coach said was the "longest-running one." And the coach himself feels better in his second year – after spending the last year settling down, he can now focus on football.

"I joke that this is really the first year and last year was year zero," he said. "I arrived so late in the game that I learned the names of people when I wanted to install a crime."

The Cavaliers have won this season with a defense that has allowed 7.6 points per game, and an offense that has many options. They use two quarterbacks, the student Joe Pesansky and the senior Jack Fisher, as well as a Wildcat package with the senior run Isaiah Barnes. Van Acker describes the different looks as a "perfect mix".

On Friday Fisher took over the first ownership and Pesansky managed the second. On this second ride, the second student threw three deep throws and eventually founded a three-meter Wildcat cat that was led by Barnes to 7-0. From there, Pesansky stayed in the game and kept looking deep. He went on to throw three touchdowns, all longer than 30 yards.

"I'm coming in and just trying to control the game, control the safety and get the ball into the hands of my recipients," Pesansky said.

Defending the Cavaliers kept Pesansky and his company in the field, forcing Robinson (6-5) to keep the ball on the ground by bouncing off two passes before halftime. It stayed on the Rams Wing T scheme, keeping it out of rhythm and running the clock.

The Cavaliers will meet in South County next week.


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