WADA President Vitold Banka disappointed with the colors of the Russian flag on the ROC uniform at the Tokyo Olympics

World Anti-Doping Agency President Vitold Banka is disappointed that Russian athletes wear uniforms in the colors of the country’s flag at the Tokyo Olympics. This was announced at a press conference.

“I think that all my actions should be based on facts, we should not be based on feelings. We make sure that Russia complies with all the conditions of the CAS. But at the same time, we are disappointed that CAS has reduced the sanctions to two years and allowed to compete with the colors of the Russian flag on the uniform. We believed that there should have been a neutral status, ”Banka said at a press conference.

  • Earlier, CAS partially supported WADA’s claim against RUSADA and revoked its compliance status with the World Anti-Doping Code.
  • Russian athletes at the Olympics will act as an ROC team without a national flag and anthem.

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