Friday, 20 Apr 2018

Wael Al – Kilani pregnant and Tim Hassan live joy joy: here the details of the news

Dear ladies and gentlemen, I have the honor to welcome you and to thank you for visiting the economic site. Welcome to the website of the Arab Economist, Aajal: Wafaa Al Kilani and Tamim Hassan live joy, joy: here the details of the news, where we strive to be good follow-up to our site, Al-Kilani is pregnant and Tim Hassan lives happily. Here are the details of the news, dear visitor, the economic site is a comprehensive news site that includes the latest developments on the Arab and international scene. Ajaj: Wafaa Al-Kilani is pregnant and Tim Hassan lives in joy. Here are the details of the news. News from all websites Agencies news, Aaagel: Wafaa Al Kilani pregnant and Tim Hassan live joy Farahtin: here details, and we are viewing on our website, Wafa Kilani holder Tim Hassan live joy Farahtin: here details, and so that you will be all that is new relay in the world of news. Tuesday, 17 April 2018 06:03 am Economist After publishing news headlines about their marriage, which caused a lot of fuss and confusion between social media leaders and their followers in May, they are back on the scene again; this time, with the news of their child’s waiting the first. Yes, we are talking about the Syrian star Tim Hassan and the Egyptian media Wafaa Al Kilani who, despite their deep silence on this subject, has transformed this morning into talking to people and filling them with concern. The public agreed on the title that Hassan and Kailani are waiting for their first child, Sources that Wafa in the months of her first pregnancy. But, until now, neither of them has had time to confirm or deny the news, which may mean that all possibilities are in place. This is not the first time that this news has been reported. Social networking sites have already been covered with the title that Wafa hid her pregnancy from Tim Hassan, after she posted through her account on the Instagram website a picture that looked as bright as if she had gained more weight Some attributed it to the possibility of carrying it, later to prove that it is just prospects and rumors are not true. On the other hand, Hassan, who captured the Arab audience in his new block, recently participated with the producer Sadeq Al Sabah in a symposium entitled “Ruling on your Mind”. The psychological illness is not a problem at the American University Medical Center, Rizk Hospital in Beirut. During the seminar, Tim admitted that he did not visit a psychiatrist in his life despite all the psychological roles he embodied in a number of his series, “God save us” He also spoke about the great responsibility he assumed when he looked at Khaled’s character in the series “Family of Hajj Noman”, noting that ” A sick schizophrenic God knows how much he suffered, and as a representative I felt tired to simulate a schizophrenic patient “He said. On the other hand, the star known as “Mount Sheikh Al-Jaleel” participated in his own account on the site of Instagram in the first album of his Ramadan series “Al-Hiba 2” and added the comment: “The first Ghaith drop” , Thus arousing a wide interaction between his audience and his fans who are waiting to watch him eagerly. Thank you for the good follow us, Ajaj: Wafa Al Kilani pregnant and Tim Hassan live joy: Here are the details of the news, do not forget the admiration of the pages of social networking sites for the site, to receive you the latest political news, economic and sports and technical news from the economic site, Wafa Al Kilani pregnant and Tim Hassan live joy Here are the details. Source : Famous

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