Wafa Amer faces the eagle of Upper Egypt: Mohammed Ramadan «I change sincere»


Wafa Amer faces the eagle of Upper Egypt: Mohamed Ramadan «I change sincere» Time News, quoting the Egyptian today, we publish to you and Wafa Amer facing the eagle of Upper Egypt: Mohammed Ramadan «change completely», Wafa Amer facing the eagle Upper: Mohammed Ramadan «I change sincere» We send you our visitors Today through our news and start with the news of the most prominent, Wafa Amer facing the eagle Upper: Mohammed Ramadan «I change sincere». Clock News for suggestions of places to go out “Waeli Tani returned to” So justifies the artist Wafa Amer delayed participation in the series «Eagle Upper», which is currently envisaged and participate in the championship before Mohammed Ramadan and show that the work has already been offered to them but apologized for the preoccupation with another work and after a period returned to it again agreed to. «Wafa» expects that the competition in the next Ramadan will be in favor of the Egyptian drama, which sees that it progresses and see a development on the level of ideas and image and that the return of director Khaled Youssef cinema is more important than his presence in Parliament. Where did the series of the eagle of Upper Egypt arrive? – We are currently watching the series daily to catch the show in the coming month of Ramadan, where we now watch scenes Upper Egypt in the province of Qena. ■ Why did you accept your role? – I read the series and I used it before but I apologized for it because I was at this time I read another series then I was presented again, I agreed to it especially since I was the first candidate and I came back again and I was enthusiastic to enter the series and I was told that the role is more real than wonderful and written professionally Very high, it is a divided role in two phases and I pray to God to advise me and provide me with the right way to present the work as a whole case very strong and different from the Egyptian TV drama, but the most important reasons for my consent to the existence of Mohammed Ramadan is a very large star and loved and respected and similar to the Egyptians despite the stars achieved by the simplicity and love of An example of this is that it is a great talent. In addition, the series “Eagle of Upper Egypt” is my first cooperation with the producer Jamal Al Adl, and I was privileged to work with him in this series. ■ Co-operated with Muhammad Ramadan in Ibn Halal and now in the Eagle of Upper Egypt What is the difference between the two jobs? – Muhammad Ramadan changed a lot and became more interested in the past with every word and more fear for his future, status and stars. He always tries in every scene and every letter and sentence to present it in the right way and he becomes more concerned about his stars and tries with each moment to increase them. He is very similar to me in assuming the responsibility and concern that we feel in every sentence we say is very different in this series because it offers a strong addition to His past works, which made him a popular star among the simple people who resemble them and became diverse and did not put himself in a single mold, the year before the last example of the series «Legend» and introduced the popular drama and his character in the work between the people and the businessman and the son of Halal presented the character of the Upper Egypt, Circumstances to confront But here in the eagle of Upper Egypt is quite different will appear as a police officer, a different role in which I wish success and success. ■ Director Yasser Samy is conducting his first drama in this work? – a very real exit I say it with all honesty and I expect that people will laugh after the series of Eagle of Upper Egypt to cooperate with him, he is a director works with conscience and Bechtlag great comfort and out of the actor all his energies and creativity and I am happy to work with him. ■ What do you think of the Ramadan drama competition this year? – Competition this year will be in favor of the Egyptian TV drama. Art speaks in the language of the homelands and the works of art presented will be an interface to Egypt before the world, so I hope that everyone will show respectfully and compete for us all for our country and for our art and to dedicate everyone in order to present a good image of our country. ■ Were the Upper Egypt eagle channels finally selected? – The series will be shown on the final channel on dmc channel and Abu Dhabi channel in the month of Ramadan. ■ What do you think about the writing of names on the series Teter? “The lack of literature” Who is talking about writing his name on the titers, because we learned the assets, there is a profession of ethics do not deviate, and assets and literature by saying that the series starring Mohammed Ramadan, so it is the number 1 and no disagreement or thinking about that, the rest, I think that everyone knows who Wafa Amer is, and knows the size, talent, status and history of the referee, the number of tournaments, the prizes and the number of series and works of art she has provided, and Mohammed Ramadan is the hero of the story, which was sold serial name, but if anyone talked about Altter this «lack of literature» . ■ Why did you agree to participate in Karma? – Approved by the presence of this number of stars, including the hero of the work Amroosad, he is the representative of «Teqil» I am from his audience, and watched the last of his films «Maulana», which presented a wonderful, a beautiful artist and polite and loves his colleagues, and director Khaled Youssef of the reasons for my consent I have two experiences with him, I think they have been in the history of the most important when they are easy and stopped the moon and I loved them a lot, and was the last honor at the Sala Festival in Morocco. What do you think of Khaled Youssef’s return to cinema? – I see it as a strong return, because I was opposed to the idea of ​​entering the political arena, because its film position, among the most important directors of Egypt, is more than 100 seats in the parliament, excuse me, the parliament on my head, but if it has all the means that make it unbound by the hands Social and political terrorism that fills the world, and I refuse to say that Egypt alone is terrorism, all the countries of the world France, America and Turkey suffer from it, and in Qatar also happened a run over from 3 months, and was obscured, and I believe that the presence of Khaled Youssef as a director and documentation of information in cinema stronger , So I find Khaled’s role stronger as a way out of parliament, if there is a problem has been addressed Tim and the director came and presented in a film work, this will be stronger in the arrival of people and the President of the Parliament. ■ But there are criticisms that you are facing by exporting irregularities in your work? – The oldest series named the secret starring Hussein Fahmy, Nidal Al Shafei, Nourine Karim, Raim Baroudi, Ashraf Abdul Ghafour, Ahmed Halawa and Mona Galal and Mohammed Juma, in this series show the popular and the sweetness in a respectful and beautiful through the state of love and affection among the warm, In the neighborhood, we will find the uncle of Raymond, who comes to give my father the injection, and the uncle of Zarif, who guides us the cakes on the feast, we are Muslims and Christians, we live together in the neighborhood and there are no problems between us. ■ Why was your announcement of joining the series delayed? – I was working in the series «the flood» and another series pulled out of it, production Mamdouh Shaheen, and this withdrawal was for my own circumstances have nothing to do with anything, and there was a colleague in the series of secret, but apologized to the circumstances of their own, I returned to the role again read it , And I felt that the role is appropriate to me after many attempts with my colleague to return it again before joining the work of fellowship and to be conscientious and satisfied, and after reading the paper I liked the character, she is a woman will hit and play and run warm Bshuma and live a love story and work in the nursery and Ward and betrayed and shows Her nephew is handicapped, and the series sheds light on a contorted area And those with special needs and how to deal with them. ■ Do you appear in Karma as a guest of honor? I am a guest of honor, but I have many scenes. I play the role of a neighbor of a Christian community and part of the heart of Egypt, and deal with them and clarify how we treat them. I am a neighbor of a family made up of Omar and Saad. National, because Egypt does not have any problems of this kind, but the task of working talking about two people are exactly alike, one Muslim, the other a Christian and the two exchange places and their roles Omar and Saad, at work say that religion to God and the homeland for all. Thank you for following us and we promise you always to provide everything that is best .. and the transfer of news from all sources of news and facilitate reading to you. Do not forget the work of IK for our page on Facebook and follow the latest news on Twitter. Greetings family site of the time.
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