Wages : l'upturn has benefited the executives

Wages : l'upturn has benefited the executives


This is a good news : the average net wage for private employees in France increased 1.1% in 2015, in a context of moderate economic growth (1.2 %) and inflation is close to zero (0,2 %), according to a study by the Insee published Thursday .

In 2015, they have seen each month, on average, for a full-time, 2.250 euros net, after the deduction of social security contributions (2.998 eur gross). In 2014, the average net wage in the private sector had increased by only 0.4 %.

The frameworks are better served

These 15.5 million private employees (excluding apprentices, trainees, agricultural workers and private employers) do not see their revenues grow at the same rate according to their socio-professional category.

The increase is more pronounced for executives (only+1.2 % after +0.8% in 2014), in particular in the transport (+2 %), commercial activities (+ 1.7 %) and industry (+1.4 per cent). In 2015, managers (men and women) have won 4.141 euros net per month in average.

The wages of workers (+1.1% after +0.4% in 2014), have accelerated thanks to the revaluation of the SMIC gross hourly (+0.8% in the 1st January 2015).

The average net wage of the individuals who stay in the same establishment from one year to the other, or a little more than one out of two employees in the private sector, increases of 2.8% in constant euros, an increase that reflects, in large part, ” career advancement, and gains seniority in a group where the CDI, the men and full-time employees are over-represented “, urged by the Insee.

The increase in numbers of assisted contracts attenuates the progression of the average net wage in 2015 : excluding assisted contracts and professionalisation, the average net wage increase of 1.3 %, says Insee, which attributes this increase to half of the evolution of the employment structure, and in particular to ” the elevation of the qualifications and experience of employees.”

The disparities between high and low rose

The half of the private employees earned less than 1.797 euros net per month in 2015 : a sales increase of 0.7% compared to 2014, and lower than 20.2 % for the average.

At the bottom of the scale, 10 % of employees on the least well-paid have received a salary less than 1.213 euros (up 0.6% in 2015). At the top of the scale, the 10 % best-paid earned at least 3.646 € and the top 1% pay at least 8.283 euro (+1,4 %), details the study, which shows that the differences between the two extremes tend to grow.

women still face inequality in pay. They received an average of 1.986 euros per month in 2015, or 18.4 % less than men (2.438 euros). Their average net wage, however, increased slightly more than that of men (+1,2 %).

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