Waiting for the thaw: a blood ballerina, a “Pandemix” and VHS MTV

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With slippers

Maintained since 1948 in the state of an intact fairyland over the years, the red slippers can only be discovered in the vapes of dazzled levitation, as witnessed by all the filmmakers (from Brian De Palma to Darren Aronofsky) who slipped in his shadow or in his steps. In this Faustian parable where agony is the other name of beauty, a ballerina dashes for good reason in the quest for the absolute that her impresario – superb devil in a bow tie and boater – has developed for her. The luxury of the duration of the danced scenes, the lash of colors, this virtuosity made up of blood and the special effects of impressionist magicians implemented more than seventy years ago: everything vibrates fluidly in this splendor without icing sugar, where the romance, astonishing thing, leaves the framework, leaving only the abyss around which the victim comes to spin.

The red slippers of Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger on Arte.

With flamingos

Photo DR

Snotty punk and battered pop, for a few years, things have always been the same: everything is played with energy and crazy haircuts, and in the end, Australia wins. But the most serious outsider undoubtedly remains Belgium. Particularly thanks to Belly Button Records, a noisy hostel based in Antwerp whose main customers respond to the names of Mitraille or Ero Guro and where it is not uncommon for the tone to rise and chairs to be sent to each other. The latest to arrive, the Ponykamp trio come from Ghent and play the role of the small group at the bar who watches the show with a squeaky smile. Their first album, We Get Along, is as reminiscent of the cramped eccentricity of the early B-52’s as the cheeky nonchalance of the Villejuif Underground, and has established itself without much effort as one of the most beautiful spurts of sap this disrupted spring.

Ponykamp We Get Along (Belly Button Records) https://bellybuttonrecords.bandcamp.com/album/we-get-along

With a viral mix

Photo DR

Of course, we are not there yet, at the end of the tunnel, but we can already ask ourselves: what will remain of it? Gigabytes of livestreams, songs and mixes, digital witnesses of an internalized creation, some of which have managed to capture, through the masks, a piece of time. This Pandemix by Léonie Pernet, in particular, released on May 5, where Kompromat, Boards of Canada, Lucie Antunes, Rubin Steiner are entangled, and snatches of presidential speeches, anger and Anonymous Duras, one foot in the after: “There will still be the sea, the oceans. And then reading. People will rediscover that. One day a man will read. And then everything will start again. “ And in this landscape, suddenly, Meredith Monk, a bird-woman who chirps somewhere on a branch, appears, and it’s as if we were already outside.

Léonie Pernet Pandemix on Soundcloud.

With boards

Photo City of the comic strip

Admittedly, we do not navigate in this catalog as in those of the giants of SVOD, and it will sometimes be necessary to open tons of tabs so as not to get lost in their maze, but the digital collections of the Cité de la BD contain some treasures . Among the thousands of originals scanned, the founding fathers of comics, of course – Rodolphe Töpffer, Alain Saint-Ogan, and others more obscure, like the mysterious Emile Tap, who would be the first French to introduce text in his drawings . But rather than getting lost in these incunabula, we advise you to enter through the “board of the week” which composes in almost 10,000 commented boards a form of ABC of the world comic strip, from Ayroles to Bretécher , from Clowes to Druillet, from Eisner to Forest.

http://collections.citebd.org /

With nostalgia MTV

MTV photo

In this world of barrier gestures and supporting documents to be attached to your form to hope to glean a few crumbs from a support fund, angels exist. One of them responds to Windsinger’s nickname and posted on the Archive.org platform, two days ago, a dizzying amount of carefully selected MTV VHS recordings over a decade from 1er August 1981, date of the launching of this channel which would revolutionize the consumption of music with the eyes (the kick-off being given by Video Killed the Radio Star Buggles). As long as you are registered with Archive.org (the procedure, free, is done in two clicks), the site gives access to hundreds of hours of visual and acoustic delirium – there is for example a Christmas program dedicated to the worst of heavy metal troops and presented by Dee Snider, leader of Twisted Sister, wearing a false beard, and quantity of slices of clips presented by guest “VJ”, among which Billy Idol, Robert Palmer, Timothy Leary, or, pearl among pearls, the Austrian Falco as ambassador of the great culture of his country (Mozart, Niki Lauda, ​​skiing). A delight.

MTV 1981-1991 on Archive.org

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