Waiting for the thaw: Nick Cave in a loop, partitions of artists and life in bulk

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1 – With a land use plan

With its pastel colors and its way of taking the player by the hand during the first hour, Before We Leave installment in the often austere world of management video games, “city builder” options (type Sim City, remember!) and “4X” (the Civilization). Especially since he proudly displays his pacifist side. But it would be wrong to think that its round side hides a roudoudou game. Before We Leave is not a discount game, and if it is a good entry point into the genre, care must be taken to optimize each gesture, each production line to allow its little fellows “Coming out of a long period of confinement” to expand on a planet barely larger than that of the Little Prince. Nothing revolutionary, but a nice first game.

Photo Ferdy Damman

2 – With cellar and outbuildings

At all hours of the day and night, if the need arises, your shoulders give in under the burdens, reach out, it’s there; better than an anxiolytic and less expensive than a telephone consultation with your shrink, Nick Cave recently launched a special antenna of his YouTube channel called Bad Seeds Teevee. Videos, documentaries, recording sessions and other rarities relating to the bewitching songwriter are broadcast around the clock. Thus, at random from this Australian roulette wheel, we can snap up a bit of interview where he talks about his fantasies of a horse statue and a giant lobster, the clip of Henry Lee while hot catteries with PJ Harvey, a duo in a car with Warren Ellis, filmed on the phone, in the back seat, in a rush, prodigious… Anxiety disorders, a state of crisis? The solution: Nick Cave Surprise!

Photo Le Pacte

3 – With a spider on the ceiling

Just a year ago, the Cannes Film Festival closed on the discovery of Sibyl, superb third feature film by Justine Triet. After Victoria, the filmmaker finds Virginie Efira there under a new name and in the role of a tormented shrink who leaves her life and the novel she writes to be gradually contaminated by the loose life of one of her patients. Operating through skilful plays of reflections and transfers, from Paris to a shooting in Stromboli, the film paints a drunken and heartbreaking picture, mind to death, of this decomposing psyche, haunted by the ghost of a vanished love. Beyond the genius of her insane actress, and the verve of those around her, this new comedy of the disruption of feelings displays a little more clearly the virtuosity with which the filmmaker revealed with the Battle of Solferino excels at revitalizing the genre by reversing everything that would ordinarily amount to farce or tragedy.

GB. England. Bristol. Clifton. The Polygon. 2020.Photo Martin Parr. Magnum Photos

4 – With upholstered interior

Here is an initiative in tune with the times: From Home, the Bal newsletter (the exhibition space dedicated to image-documents in Paris) invites itself to artists, collectors, curators and eyeing the clashes. Since our houses are now accessible exhibition spaces when other institutions open only cautiously, the Ball had the good idea to unveil the interiors of those who have made up mini personal museums. What is on the walls of Jean-Yves Jouannais, art critic and artist? At Alexis Fabry, creator of Toluca editions? Or at Martin Parr, photographer and photo book collector? Nice overview of the partitions of those who live in the company of images, in a format a little less cracra than a webcam in low resolution. All this makes you very envious.


5 – With monitoring screen

When you’re Martin Scorsese, you can have the luxury of a making-of by Jonas Mekas. In reality, it was Mekas and his son Sebastian who wanted to go and see how the big shooting of a longtime friend was going (Mekas met “Marty” when he came to see the screenings of experimental films that he was programming), in this case The Departed in 2005 with Leonardo Di Caprio. Mekas often zooms in on the face of the young star, but all his attention remains focused on the technical team and especially Scorsese, which we discover here how he stages from the video return of the take and the system of “play back “(Instant return to images) which since Gangs of New York allows him to direct actors and camera movements in a constant round trip between the stage and the recorded sequence and scanned frame by frame. We would like to see the same film on The Irishman where the post-production part was totally crazy. Mekas’ film is free on Vimeo, on the Anthology Film Archives page.

Didier Péron


Clementine Mercier


Marius Chapuis


Julien Gester


Marie Klock

Before We Leave to play on PC.

Bad Seeds Teevee on Youtube

Sibyl of Justine triet visible on MyCanal and in VoD.

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Notes on an American Film Director at Work: Martin Scorsese by Jonas Mekas on Viméo



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