Wake-up call 19/7: Cabinet discusses corona crisis • Interval mRNA vaccine shorter

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What can you expect today?

  • Part of the outgoing cabinet meets to discuss the latest developments regarding the corona virus. After that, outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte gives an explanation to the press.
  • For new appointments with an mRNA vaccine, the interval between two injections is shortened: instead of 35 days, the interval for Pfizer and Moderna is now 28 days.
  • The court in Den Bosch rules in the case against two men (aged 22 and 26) for blowing up a corona test location in Beek en Donk. The Public Prosecution Service has demanded up to eight months in prison.
  • The substantive treatment also takes place against Tarik O, the parcel deliverer from Wijchen who killed a man with his delivery van on 24 November 2020.

What did you miss?

Dutch pediatricians are concerned about the number of children who drown. That figure has decreased for years, partly due to better swimming lessons and measures in swimming pools. But there has been no sign of a decline for some time now. With many holidays in their own country this summer, doctors fear an increase, also because many children are behind with swimming lessons.

Every year, about eight children die from the consequences of severe oxygen deficiency underwater. But that number says nothing about what children are left with from a near-drowning, says pediatrician Joke Kieboom of the UMCG in Groningen, who did research into this. “Each year, about 80 children end up in hospital after a drowning or near-drowning, many of them in intensive care.”

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Other news from the night:

This is how Freedom Day was celebrated in London: