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Home News Waldperlach - A Martinsumzug for 250 euros - Munich

Waldperlach – A Martinsumzug for 250 euros – Munich

  • The Protestant kindergarten in Waldperlach wanted to organize a St. Martin's parade.
  • The district administration department wants to approve 250 euros in administrative fees.
  • On the other hand, both the kindergarten and the district committee defend themselves. So far unsuccessful.

It had been a bitter cold winter in northern France, so cold that some had already frozen to death, when the Guardsman Martin met a poor, old man at the city gate of Amiens. The cavalry soldier himself had nothing left except his coat and a sword, and yet he shared his cloak, much to the amusement of passers-by, and gave him half to the homeless.

That is how the legend tells it. Martin was later ordained a bishop and canonized. Throughout central Europe, Christians celebrate St. Martin's Day every November 11, from Maribor to Munich. It is a celebration of charity, of helping, of generosity. Alone, generous acts sometimes fail due to urban administrative regulations, as a curious case in Waldperlach shows.

Customs and history The goose comes to Sankt Martin's neck

At St. Martin's go the goose's neck

The treacherous chatter that is said to have betrayed the saints, the animals have to pay today. But what is really behind this daring reason for the annual banquet?By Franz Kotteder

It's about the St. Martin's move of a kindergarten and about 250 euros in administrative fees and the question of the appreciation of volunteer work; even "live Martin geese" emerge. All this has led to a heated argument between the district committee Ramersdorf-Perlach and the city administration. Lord Mayor Dieter Reiter (SPD) is also involved in this bureaucratic ping-pong game.

First sentence, serve in the public tennis: On 2 October 2018 Sabine Holzer of the sponsoring association of the Protestant kindergarten in Waldperlach announces a Martinsfest at the county administrative department (KVR). The move is to take place on the urban green space "Im Gefilde". About 1,000 participants from four kindergartens, including gingerbread, punch, lanterns, a small performance and – Holzer noted this without premonition on the back of the application – Martins geese, which are "shared".

Setback, city of Munich: One employee is apparently not completely familiar with the tradition of Quarkgebäcks. So the county administration department turns on its subordinate veterinary office, fearing that real geese will be shared. "I really thought, I'm with 'Do you understand fun?'" Says Sabine Holzer, group leader in the kindergarten. "Meanwhile, the story is really not funny anymore." The city appeased. It was "only clarified by telephone that it is not the geese are live animals, but to pastries," says a spokesman.

In any case, the KVR comes after much explanation at all sorts of phone calls to the conclusion: A violation of the epizootic right is not present. The Martinszzug will be approved shortly, one week before the 12th of November. In addition, there is another surprise in Holzer's e-mail inbox: administration fees of 250 euros would be charged for the event.

"I did not know that it cost anything," says Holzer. It was her first application. Surprised, she turns to Thomas Kauer (CSU), chairman of the District Committee (BA) Ramersdorf-Perlach. He wants to finance the fees initially as "ordering an urban service", which the city rejects with a reprimand. A service could not be ordered after the payment of administrative fees. Next attempt: an application for a grant from the district budget, submitted on December 10 to the Board of Directors, the Central Steering Committee for the district committees. However, according to section 14.2 of the relevant urban guidelines, he comes too late. The application must be made before the date of the event. Once again the city refuses.

The ball is now back in the field of the district committee – and the smashes back. On 19 March he unanimously approved the motion, despite a negative presentation by the Executive Committee. "We complain that people are no longer volunteering and then they jump around with them," says chairman Kauer. The fees he calls disproportionate for such a traditional event, the decision of the city pedantic. Mind you: The district committee Ramersdorf-Perlach has an annual budget of about 277 000 euros; the required sum does not even equal one thousandth.

The administration reacts publicly

The board of directors, however, remains tough: Due to the "application being delayed", the decision "to amend and reject the application" is said in a letter of 10 April to the BA. However, at its meeting on 9 May it decides to stick to the decision. The Evening News is titled: "Posse um Martinsumzug", whereupon the administration sees itself forced, in the City Hall look around, the press service of the city, to clarify some things "in their own right".

There it is stated that, as usual, it is being examined whether conditions regarding ponies are required – but at no time was there any question of "whether geese should be slaughtered at the event". The 250 euros would have nothing to do with it; they correspond to the "usual administrative fees that apply to the administrative decision". They are unconnected with "referral to the Veterinary Office".

It also shows that the Causa Martinsgans has landed on the desk of the OB: "If Mr. Kauer offers an unbureaucratic solution here by a personal compensation of the amount, I welcome that, of course," the mayor alluding to an offer Kauers during the BA-session cited.

Last sentence, serve Sabine Holzer: It's "borders crossed," she finds. "We will not organize a Martinsumzug in such a large frame more surely because then one really loses the desire," she says.

District Administration and Board of Directors rely on the applicable guidelines. Thomas Kauer feels "personally attacked" and has therefore just written a rather detuned letter to Lord Mayor Reiter. It states: The "bureaucratic brackets" kick the purpose of the district budget, namely the promotion of volunteer work, downright feet. An answer from the city has been missing, but a KVR spokesman said on request: "There is no discretion in this constellation for the administration." That means: the kindergarten has to pay the fee. Much to the resentment of BA boss Thomas Kauer: "I just want to help the kindergarten," he says.

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