Waldschwimmbad Offenbach: Earthworks for the new air dome have started

Lord Mayor Dr. Felix Schwenke in the middle and Manfred Ginder, head of sports management (right), with an employee of the forest swimming pool (left). (Photo: City of Offenbach / georg-foto, offenbach)

In order to ensure the year-round operation of the forest swimming pool as the only remaining public swimming pool in Offenbach, the completely dilapidated air dome has to be replaced with a new one.

“The earthworks for anchoring the new air dome started recently,” says Mayor and Sports Director Dr. Felix Schwenke after he got a picture on site on Thursday. “At this point in time, the awards, the supplements and the construction work are on budget and on schedule. The new air dome will be slightly larger than the old one and thus offer a little more space at the edge. It will also be better insulated,” says Mayor Schwenke.

It can therefore currently be assumed that the new hall can be built after the end of the outdoor pool season in mid or late September. “According to everything we know at the moment, bathers at Rosenhöhe can look forward to a real outdoor pool season again. The old air dome above the 50-meter pool will be finally dismantled for summer operations in the coming weeks,” announced Schwenke. Mayor Schwenke thanks the EOSC and its chairman Matthias Wörner for the very good cooperation in the context of the construction project.

In order to ensure the bathing operations and the safety of the bathers even during the preparatory measures, the work on the outdoor area is being carried out in several sections. The foundation for the new hall will be made in two sections from mid-May. With the EOSC, the processes were coordinated in such a way that the operation of the outdoor pool is disturbed as little as possible. “When the hall is dismantled and the outdoor pool season starts, the first section of the foundation and paving work in the south of the site will already be completed,” says Mayor Schwenke. In addition, the supply and disposal lines and the surface between the changing building and the pool are to be renewed. The step-through pools will be demolished and rebuilt, and the bathing area will also be reframed.

The new air dome is 61 meters long, 33 meters wide and 11.5 meters high. It has a volume of 15,000 cubic meters and a floor area of ​​2,000 square meters. Construction is scheduled to start in mid-September, and swimming under the new hall can then take place in October – provided nothing unforeseen happens. The costs for the new hall, including all the work required for it, amount to around 2.14 million euros. The city of Offenbach received funding of 762,000 euros from the SWIM program of the state of Hesse. This is the largest investment in the swimming facilities in Offenbach since the closure of all other Offenbach pools.

The city is also preparing a comprehensive modernization of the forest swimming pool: As the next measure, a new infrastructure building is planned with the functions of pool water technology, entrance with cash register, staff rooms, club rooms as well as changing rooms and sanitary facilities for bathers. The application for funding for this section of the renovation project has already been submitted.

(Text: PM City of Offenbach)