In times of Corona, walking is a widespread and valued commodity – probably the most popular leisure activity for Cologne residents. Explorations on the doorstep are the means of choice for small everyday escapes. How lucky that there are always new ideas and suggestions to discover the city in unusual ways: for example on a musical city walk, as the Offenbach Society came up with.

On the occasion of the 140th anniversary of the death of Jacques Offenbach, the inventor of the operetta and gifted composer, the Offenbach Society in Cologne created musical city walks as films in six episodes.

Funny city walk

The result is six short films plus a long comprehensive video by director Michael Höft, author Thomas Höft and comedian Adrian Schvarzstein, which invite you to explore and wander.

There are signposts to six stages in the life of Jacques Offenbach, who was born in Cologne in 1819, and stories of the gifted Jacques and his family in historic Cologne squares. At the same time, the places tell of 1700 years of Jewish life in Cologne, the oldest Jewish community north of the Alps.

Offenbach walk – all stops in the film:

1. The Offenbach walk begins at the birthplace of Jacques Offenbach, on Great Greek Market:

2. Continue to Glockengasse, where the family home was next to the former synagogue.

3rd station at Kleiner Offenbach-Platz:

4. Large Offenbach Square:

5. The cathedral:

5. Jewish cemetery in Deutz: It goes almost three kilometers to the other side of the Rhine to Deutz:

6. Here you can see the entire Offenbach walk – all stations in a film:

At there is more information about Jacques Offenbach in Cologne.


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