Wallpaper action by the police in Saxony is causing a stir in the network

From martial to a loss of reality

By the afternoon there had been over 560 comments under the tweet. Many users found the image glorifying violence and martial. A user asked if gun fools should be addressed by the picture. Another pondered whether that should be the image that the citizens should have of the police.

Another user explained that the picture suggests a general militarization of the equipment, which was already associated with dangerous self-perception problems in the USA. Others complained that hardly any “normal officers” could be seen on the wallpapers offered, but mainly heavily armed or armored forces.

Mockery not far

But there were also ironic comments addressing the errors and scandals of the police. One user posted a picture of a locked bicycle and wrote: “I have this police-sachsen-wallpaper (bicycle theft)”. Another posted a picture of a flower bed with the comment: “I have this police wallpaper (buried ammunition in the garden)”.

Other motives should follow

You don’t see any misconduct in the selection of images, said Pascal Ziehm, head of the communications department of the Saxony police, when asked by MDR SACHSEN. It would be far from the police to portray the profession martially. Nevertheless, the modern technical equipment is also an important aspect for people who are interested in the police profession, explained Ziehm.

The images that can currently be downloaded are a first attempt to provide motifs that are particularly popular, according to Ziehm. They first concentrated on technical motifs that were suitable as wallpaper. The users would certainly not download portraits of individual foreign officials to their PC or smartphone, said Ziehm.

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But more will follow. Among other things, from our police dogs and our horses. Then there is something for every taste.

Pascal Ziehm
Head of Communications Police Saxony

The reactions on Twitter, however, are not surprising. How the equipment of the police is rated, in this case a special unit, is in the eye of the beholder, explained Ziehm. On the platforms of Facebook and Instagram, the pictures were rated less critically.