Walter Mercado had children? here we tell you the truth

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Despite being very famous for much of his life, Walter Mercado he seems to have kept a low profile when it comes to matters of his personal life.

In the trailer of “Much Much Love“We see him refuse when asked about his age (although after a little research, we now know he was born in 1932).

Walter Mercado and Mariette Detotto

Walter Mercado and Mariette Detotto

Partner of Walter Mercado

However, in 2003, Walter revealed that he had a “spiritual relationship” with Brazilian actress and dancer Mariette Detotto. In a 2004 interview with Chronicle, he referred to Mariette as his “soul mate” and said he intended to marry her.

Walter and Mariette do not appear to have been legally married. In fact, according to ‘Al Día,’ Walter avoided publicly speaking about his sexual orientation, though his gender-nonconforming appearance elevated him as a prominent LGBT icon.

Walter Mercado and Mariette Detotto

Walter Mercado and Mariette Detotto

Walter Mercado had no children

We found no evidence that Walter Mercado had children, either with Mariette or with someone else. However, it seems that he was very close to his nieces.

Currently it is known that he was especially close with his niece Ivonne, even considering her as a daughter to him.

After Walter’s death in 2019, Walter’s nieces took up the mantle to continue Walter’s legacy. His niece Dannette is a Tarot student.

She also collaborated with Walter on her psychic phone line and ran her website for a time.

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Although Walter Mercado may not have had children, his legacy seems to be in good and capable hands. You can learn more about Walter and his incredible story in the upcoming Netflix documentary “Much Much Love” which will be available on Netflix starting Monday, July 8.



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