Waltrop: 17-year-old drives 400 hp car against tree – Passenger seriously injured

In a car crash in North Rhine-Westphalia Waltrop two young people were seriously injured. The 17-year-old driver had been behind the wheel illegally, according to police, and had driven off when the driver had got out of the car for a toilet break. At the time there were two co-drivers in the car, two more people left behind the 17-year-old.

According to current findings, the driver was hit with the 400-hp BMW in a right-hander due to excessive speed against a tree. A 15-year-old passenger still in danger, told a spokeswoman for the police Datteln. The driver was seriously injured as well.

Although the 17-year-old had a driver's license, he could only drive with a registered escort. The police estimate the damage to at least 65,000 euros.

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