Wanatoe Prize 2022: Vote for the Wanatoe Audience Award 2022 (Showbiz and Culture)

You can vote until 4 pm on Friday via the poll at the bottom of this page. Please note: you can only cast one vote. Failure to abide by that rule may result in a candidate being disqualified.

The winners will be announced on Saturday between 7 and 8 p.m. in the Hasselt cultural center. You can go there on Saturday (until 11 p.m.) and Sunday (until 6 p.m.) EXIT/2022 visit the exhibition in which the new generation of artists show their graduation projects. The work of the ten Wanatoe laureates 2022 can of course also be found there.

We present these ten laureates to you here.

Gulsah Ayla Bayrak – Fotografie

©  luc daelemans

Genk Gülsah Ayla Bayrak (25) is graduating as a photographer from LUCA School of Arts in Genk. An encounter with the painting The Great Odalisque in the Louvre was for her the starting point of a four-year research into a contemporary interpretation of the concept of orientalism. She dreams of founding an international art collective that connects East and West.

Gulsah Ayla Bayrak. — © The Importance of Limburg

Irina Colun – Liberal Arts

©  luc daelemans

28-year-old Moldovan Irina Colun turned a detail of a painting The Baptism of Christ by Renaissance painter Piero della Francesca, a detail in porcelain. She based this on an essay by the American painter and draftsman Philip Guston (1913-1980). “However innovative a work of art or invention may be, the maker is always indebted to the past,” emphasizes the laureate who graduates from PXL-MAD School of Arts Hasselt.

Irina Colun. — © The Importance of Limburg

Rachel Daniels – Liberal arts

©  luc daelemans

“Our society is laced with power structures. For example, Christianity used to be a power factor in the Western world, now it is the industry,” says 24-year-old Rachel Daniëls from Zutendaal, who attended classes at PXL-MAD School of Arts in Hasselt. She made an immense installation with her own artisanal design language. She likes to work with glass, but for her thesis she also used fencing, metal, polyester and PVC.

Rachel Daniels. — © The Importance of Limburg

Senne Driesen – Animation

©  luc daelemans

With DRUK, the 31-year-old Hasselaar not only makes an impressive short film in Soviet aesthetics, which he worked on for three years at LUCA School Of Arts Genk, he also adds the foley and the soundtrack live during a combination of film and concert. Man of many talents.

Senne Driesen. — © The Importance of Limburg

Rahmat Emonds – Music

©  luc daelemans

A singer with a throat to say the least. Huge vocal range, and songs with tons of emotion. For her thesis for PXL-Music in Hasselt, she went in search of the connection between voice, mind and body – also in Ghana. The aim of her songs is not only to feel completely connected to her music and her own skin, but also yours and me. Is that also possible goosebumps to be? Mission already accomplished.

Thanks Emonds. — © The Importance of Limburg

Fenia Cheers- Product design

©  luc daelemans

“Making people with a non-visible disability visible”, says 23-year-old Fenia Proost about her thesis. She developed two case studies. One about a young man with CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome), the other about a girl with endometriosis (a disease of the lining of the womb). The objects created by this graduating product designer at LUCA School of Arts Genk are artistically high-quality and have a poetic feel. At the heart of the matter are the means of communication.

Fenia Proost. — © The Importance of Limburg

Cleo Reniers – Illustrative design

©  luc daelemans

Cleo Reniers (23) from Diepenbeek studied illustrative design at PXL-MAD in Hasselt and is fascinated by everything that takes place under the sea. She creates an undersea dream world in drawings and tapestries and tackles subjects such as loneliness and escapism.

Cleo Reniers. — © The Importance of Limburg

Tjörven Santermans – Photography

©  luc daelemans

In his short film, 23-year-old Tjörven Santermans from Hasselt confronts his own identity crisis. He is also keen on social media. During his student days he got a taste of film, performance and fashion, but the young maker is graduating in photography at the LUCA School of Arts in Genk.

Tjörven Santermans. — © The Importance of Limburg

Sien Swennen – Interior architecture

©  luc daelemans

Sien Swennen (21) from Grote-Brogel has dyslexia. This learning disability is often misunderstood in her environment, which can lead to insecurity. With her traveling exhibition My Language Your Language – made up of different modules – the interior architect at Hasselt University succeeds in explaining in an almost logical way (but you just have to come up with it) and clearly to others what it means to have dyslexia. Done with derogatory comments.

WANATOE See Swenn. — © The Importance of Limburg

Nathan Vrebos – Productdesign

©  luc daelemans

Product designer Nathan Vrebos (22) from Leuven is improving the world. At the LUCA School of Arts Genk, he experimented in search of more possibilities with bio-building material, a combination of sand and starch. He succeeded in making the material more flexible and pliable, so that you can use it for all kinds of applications. Plus: it is completely circular. It is possible to give the sand – which is slowly running out – completely back to nature.

Nathan Vrebos. — © The Importance of Limburg