Wanda Hamidah Meets Prudential Management: A Little Late

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Politician Wanda Hamidah | finally met the management Prudential Indonesia after the complaint he launched went viral on social media. Wanda judged the meeting a bit late. Even so, he respects the company’s intentions insurance the Englishman in listening to his disappointment.

According to Wanda, Prudential’s management promised to review the insurance claim case that she complained about. He also hopes that Prudential will cover the entire cost of his baby’s operation, which is estimated at Rp50 million-Rp60 million.

“It’s a bit late, I regret it. But it was responded yesterday,” he said, quoted from his Instagram account @wanda_hamidah, Thursday (14/10).

“The meeting this morning went well, we have met with Prudential. WL My complaints and disappointments have been properly recorded and Prudential promises to review them,” he continued.

Before meeting with the management of Prudential Indonesia, Wanda admitted that she had been contacted on Sunday (10/10) or the day she publicly uploaded her complaint to the public.

However, it was not a solution, he was even more furious because he got a call from customer service who did not help himself and his family.

Wanda admitted that she was very disappointed because from her perspective, every company should have a damage control team that helps clients and not just running SOPs.

“Supposedly, there should be crisis management owned by every insurance company to handle client complaints. This is a note for insurance, whoever and wherever you are to respond to clients by not trivializing, I honestly felt at first that I was being bullied.ignore (ignored),” he explained.

Separately, Prudential Indonesia’s Chief Marketing and Communications Officer Luskito Hambali stated that his party had explained directly to Wanda about the benefits and conditions of the policy he had.

“At the meeting, we also received additional information from him,” he said in a written release obtained by the editor.

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