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“I paid all the accommodation fees.”

This is the story of a pension official who stayed last before the family of Cho Yu-na (10), who disappeared in Wando, Jeollanam-do, lost contact. He said on the phone with JoongAng Ilbo on the 27th, “I can’t answer (in connection with Cho’s family).”

According to the Gwangju Police Agency, Cho, a fifth grader in Gwangju, and his father (36) and mother (35) stayed four nights on the 24th to 28th and two nights on the 29th to 30th last month. I stayed at this pension for 6 days. After checking out on the 28th of last month, I returned the day after I left Wando and stayed at the same pension, and then checked out at around 10:57 pm on the 30th of last month.

◇ Day 6 of the search … The family’s whereabouts could not be found

The police and the maritime police have thrown drones, helicopters, and guard boats with 300 people and conducted an underwater search around the coast of Shinjimyung, but have not yet found the whereabouts of the Cho family.

The pension where the Cho family stopped is near the Myeongsashipuri beach on the firewood side. It has a swimming pool, and the daily accommodation fee is 400,000 won (about 41,909 yen) for 4 people. According to pensions, the Cho family spent a minimum of 2.4 million won on accommodation before disappearing.

On the other hand, inside and outside the police, there are talks saying, “I wonder if the Cho family decided to stay at a high-priced inn and stayed for almost a week without going out.” As a result of the investigation, Cho’s father, who was in the computer sales business, went out of business at the end of last year. The school said, “When I went to Cho’s house, I found a lot of unpaid administrative fee notifications, financial institution reminder letters, and court mail delivery information in the mailbox.”

◇ Professor Lee Crystal “Possibilities of extreme choice after the murder of a child”

Both are the beginnings that it can be estimated that the Cho family experienced financial difficulties, but police officials said that “the search for the disappeared person is first” and “there is not enough capacity to understand the cause of the disappearance and the actions in between.” I refrained from saying.

Prior to this, Cho’s mother submitted a suburban experience learning application to the school on the Internet on the 17th of last month saying, “I will have a one-month life experience on Jeju Island from May 19th to June 15th.” did. However, she filed a disappearance report on the 22nd because Cho did not go to school and could not contact her parents even though her experiential learning period was over.

In response, Professor Lee Soo-jung of the Department of Criminal Psychology at Gyeonggi University said on a phone call with JoongAng Ilbo that “currently, it is most likely to be an’extreme choice after the murder of a child’.” Insisted. The following is a question and answer with Professor Lee. “

Q: The last action of the Cho family is suspicious.

A: “There are not many cases where people who make extreme choices succeed at one time. Many people think that it is the last time. Moreover, it seems that they thought about it because there are families such as children, not just the problem of the person himself.” (* The security camera footage of the pension secured by the police showed their last action. Cho’s mother puts on a loose daughter and leaves the pension, and the father carries it with a plastic bag in one hand. A scene where a couple checks a phone, a scene where a couple puts Cho in the back seat of a passenger car and heads for somewhere). “Wando disappeared family” that had accumulated a reminder … 6 nights in a pension with a pool of 400,000 won per night = Korea (2)