Wang Zhongping has been filming “Quick Screen 2 Lines” for several days!Beloved wife Yu Haoran reveals the latest situation: living in the middle of the gap – FTV News

Entertainment Center / Reported by Wang Wenling

Artists Yu Haoran and Wang Zhongping are model couples in the entertainment industry. Recently, they happily celebrated Mother’s Day with “School Girl” Han Fei, who just returned from Canada. However, the news of Wang Zhongping’s “quick screening of two lines” has spread, and he has also hurriedly quarantined at home.

Wang Zhongping developed cough symptoms on the evening of (9) yesterday, and a faint second line appeared after self-quick screening. In order to ensure safety, he went to the hospital for PCR on the afternoon of (10), and is currently waiting for the results. room home isolation.

Wang Zhongping (back) and Yu Haoran (front) are married. (Photo/Photo taken from “Wang Zhongping and Yu Haoran’s Love Cabin” Facebook)

The last time Wang Zhongping entered the studio was on the 7th, and after seeing the results of the quick screening yesterday, he notified the crew as soon as possible, and all the crew members did another quick screening today, all of which were negative. Wang Zhongping said that the crew of “Golden Years” will conduct quick screenings every day before work, and anti-epidemic tea will also be provided in the shed to help everyone improve their immunity and fight the epidemic together.

Artist Luo Qiao Lun was tested positive for quick screening. (Photo / Retrieved from “Luo Qiao Lun” Facebook)

Another artist, Luo Qiao Lun, although not working yesterday, felt unwell and had cough symptoms. After 2 quick screenings, all of them were negative. Before going to bed, he felt that the symptoms worsened. After another quick screening, he was “positive”. He also did it today. PCR, before waiting for the results, they will be quarantined at home and suspended from work. The related contacts who worked together on the 8th also underwent rapid screening, and the results were all negative.