Want to Iliad 5.99 euros? Ho Mobile takes care of it

I have Mobile 5.99 euros

Revival effect especially for Iliad users. Do you remember the legendary debut tariff with which the fourth mobile operator began the dance? Here, Ho Mobile has thought about exhuming it these days. The new Ho Mobile offer is aimed at Iliad customers (and a few others), which is particularly curious because, as mentioned, it recalls the exceptional Iliad offer at € 5.99 but even improves it. Ho Mobile at € 5.99 is Ho’s new offer for those who decide to switch to the low-cost brand of Vodafone, coming from the Iliad telephone operator.

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50 gigs for only € 5.99 per month. As mentioned, it does better than the first, historic offer launched by Iliad in the Italian market, and here’s what it provides:

  • 50 gigabytes on the internet
  • unlimited minutes and sms
  • € 5.99 per month
  • € 0.99 activation fee
  • purchase and portability of the number 100% online

Let’s comment together on this offer from Ho Mobile directly on the 4Fan.it Telegram Channel at this link

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Ho Mobile aims straight at Iliad in the new 50 gig offer for only 5.99 euros. The low-cost manager of the Vodafone group updates its offers, clarifying the positioning strategy on the market even more. Ho Mobile wants to establish itself even more as a strong alternative to Iliad. And therefore Iliad customers are the main objective of the new promotional rate of 50 Giga at only 5.99 euros / month.

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Nostalgia effect for Iliad customers

A probable nostalgia effect for Iliad customers. In fact, there are still many to associate Iliad with the legendary 5.99 euro plan which, however, with Iliad, offered 30 gigabytes of navigation. It was the first rate launched by Iliad, initially activated for the first million customers. Then the tariff was canceled and replaced by plans gradually more and more full-bodied in terms of gigabytes included. A path that led Iliad, today, to market the super 120 gig tariff. But it is also true that while the gigs have risen, the prices of the tariffs have also risen. Iliad Giga 120 costs 9.99 euros today. We are almost doubling compared to the first legendary Iliad rate.

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It goes without saying, however, that Iliad’s expired rates have not undergone any changes over time. Those who activated the Iliad Giga 5.99 euros in 2018 continue to be able to take advantage of 30 giga at 5.99 euros, without any changes to the conditions. Because Iliad, in this, is truly spotless. With guaranteed rates “forever”.

But let’s go back to the current rate at the Ho Mobile home. Iliad’s great challenger takes steps back from the path taken by everyone and offers less giga but at a lower price. 50 gigabytes of internet for only € 5.99!

Switching from Iliad to Ho Mobile

An offer from € 5.99 which, as we said, is not for everyone. The rate Ho.Mobile to 50 giga is limited edition and is sold only to customers from Iliad who therefore carry out, together with the purchase, the portability of the telephone number. That is, they enter Ho Mobile with the same numbering. It cannot therefore be activated for new numbers and unfortunately it cannot be activated for those coming from WindTre or Tim. Once again Vodafone is also excluded but this, we have learned by now, is quite natural since Ho Mobile, we remind the most distracted, is a brand of the same group. Portability requested by Vodafone to Ho are ultimately only internal passages, very unproductive for the Vodafone group. And that’s why Ho Mobile plans effectively discouraging the switch from Vodafone.

To have the Ho Mobile offer from 50 giga to 5.99 euros per month you must therefore be an Iliad customer. Those who come from another mobile operator and want to switch to Ho can consult the offers that can be activated this month from our dedicated page.

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I have Mobile does not have 5G

I have Mobile therefore close Iliad brand with a rate that, also for the amarcord effect it arouses, we like. But among the many differences that can be identified between Iliad and Ho Mobile, at this moment, there is one above all: the total absence of 5G in Ho Mobile. Vodafone’s low-cost operator always uses Vodafone’s network but cannot access the 5G network. Because? Marketing choices, certainly not technical ones. More than anything else a need of the main brand Vodafone, to differentiate itself from its low cost operator and avoid mass migration to the b-brand, which has always been the main risk of the entire Ho operation.

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So Ho Mobile, even in this old Iliad-style 5.99-euro offer, doesn’t have 5G. All the new Iliad offers instead have 5G included and at no additional cost.

I have Mobile, satisfied or reimbursed formula

Total transparency with Ho Mobile. In total line with Iliad’s communication strategy, which has the merit of having introduced truly new standards in Italy as regards the total absence of hidden costs. However, Ho also uses its own initiatives, such as that of “satisfied and reimbursed”. A little ’90s teleshopping style Ho Mobile is keen to let people know that the very small amount of the purchase of the new sim card can be fully returned if the customer is considered dissatisfied with ho.mobile services. All in all, a good move that goes in the direction we like best: total clarity of the conditions in favor of telephony consumers.

In short, on balance, the new Ho Mobile tariff is likely to be attractive. Especially for the large Iliad customer base which still has the first rate at 5.99 euros. For the same amount Ho Mobile offers more today. And the b-brand Vodafone wants to exploit all the limits imposed today by the impossibility of changing plans with the telephone operator Iliad. In short, those who have Iliad Giga 30 and want more data today can do nothing but change operator. Pending the change of plan made possible also with Iliad we ask you therefore: what do you think of this new Ho Mobile rate? You can comment here on 4Fan.it using the space below which, we remind you, does not require registration. Until next time!

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