Want to make more sustainable choices this Black Friday? Follow these suggestions – Ecology

Black Friday is approaching and, with it, the natural desire to buy products with discounts on the usual prices.

But on this Black Friday, more sustainable choices can be made on platforms that combine lower values ​​with the promotion of a circular economy. Examples of this are brands such as Back Market, Cash Converters or Swappie.

The Back Market is the world’s leading platform in the renewed technology market that sells refurbished electronic devices (mobile phones, computers, beauty products such as hair dryers, small appliances) and intends to make choosing these products the first choice for consumers, by understand the impact they can prevent at an environmental level.

Note that the production of a single iPhone uses 44 kg of CO2 in raw material and produces another 70 kg of the same chemical compound – an impact that can be avoided by opting for a refurbished mobile phone.

On this Black Friday, the Back Market combines extra discounts to the usual ones, which reach 70% of the value of new products.

Cash Converters, the only worldwide network of stores specializing in the sale and purchase of second-hand goods that sells products as diverse as jewelry, musical instruments, small appliances and technological devices (mobile phones, computers, consoles) also presents the movement on Black Friday “Good Friday” that promotes conscious and responsible consumption, allowing the Portuguese to save money and environment, not only with affordable prices on second-hand products, but also extra discounts from 21st to 30th November.

Swappie is the European marketplace for the purchase and sale of refurbished iPhones and also appears with the objective of changing the consumption habits of technological equipment through the adoption of more sustainable behaviors, contributing to the circular economy.

On Black Friday, Swappie wants to demonstrate that it is possible to combine promotions of up to 50% on top quality refurbished technological devices with more conscious, responsible and sustainable purchases.