Wanted: adventurer who wants to live in Sicily for free for a year

© Airbnb / Davide Mandolini

Living in a refurbished design house in the Italian town of Sambuca, in Sicily, for a year, completely free. Sounds pretty good, right? Airbnb, the international rental platform for (holiday) homes, is looking for an adventurer who would like to.

Source: The Telegraph

It should be noted right away that living is not entirely free. After all, the lucky guy has to do something to be able to stay for a year in a completely refurbished two-bedroom house of three floors.

Airbnb expects the chosen one to take on the role of ‘host’ and thus ensure that the second bedroom is rented out and that the guests are and remain satisfied during their stay.

The ideal candidate for the job (who can live in the design house with his/her family, partner or a friend) is at least over eighteen years old, speaks good English and is available for a year from 30 June. Also, the person should enjoy making an active contribution to village life.


In Sambuca, several houses that had been empty for a long time have been sold for the symbolic amount of 1 euro. The condition was that new owners would completely refurbish the buildings. The mayor hoped that this would prevent Sambuca from becoming a ghost town.