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The other afternoon, when I said goodbye to a friend at home, she offered me a bag full of almost unused cosmetics. "Do you love them?" He asked. “I am not going to use them. I have passed them the app And they are very carcinogenic. Maybe you haven't started with this and you still don't care. ”He was right, I still hadn't started with that. But I didn't want to accept them, although I was sure that they were expensive products and on a not too remote day, back in time, my friend found them very good. I went back home taciturn. How much more do I want to know about this ruin world?

But, after two days, I fall. There is always a little more misery in the heart. Knowing everything is impossible and, in addition, after a commercial truth there are 100 lies, but the temptation to accumulate suffering while clairvoyance is too cheap. When the girl finally falls asleep, I download the application. This analyzes, with a simple pass of the mobile through the bar code, food and cosmetic products and, in a well-intentioned way (I am informed of it), it offers its verdict: excellent, good, mediocre and bad. In other words, it deciphers how much I need to finish digging my own grave and of course my offspring, which is more delicate.

I decide to start with a facial cream that I bought recently and whose box I have not yet taken out of the plastic wrap. Not without some fear (I acquired it with enthusiasm, for its apple aroma and sunscreen), I open the app and I pass the code through the objective. In less than two seconds I am relieved, because there is no information about my product in the database. That informative nothing gives me an extension: I will be able to release it, spread a little of the cream tomorrow morning and go outside feeling that nobody will see what I see, feeling that what is inevitable is not happening, forgetting that I'm mortal Being granted the benefit of the doubt, which in these cases is practically an acquittal, I decide not to try the other potingues bar codes that have to do with beauty, that torture.

But before leaving the bathroom, I approach the shower and take my shampoo bottle. They sell it in all supermarkets and I remember that it was a lot on TV ads when I watched TV. It is a well-known and cheap brand and, while scanning the barcode, I think that this time I will not get away with mine. But I am wrong; The verdict is good. "Good": no harmful silicone, no harmful sulfate and with a limited risk of a lot of other substances that all sound bad. Limited risk. Like life when we take it seriously, I guess. For just five euros, my scalp and my spirit are safe. I fiddle a little more in the app and thus I discover that the alert measurements depend on the presence of endocrine disruptors (my friend commented on this term the other night, but I didn't know what she was talking about), allergens and carcinogens. Carcinogens: there is nothing that gives more terror. I want to get out of the bathroom, but in the end I value him and take the special shampoo I bought for my daughter, in a pharmacy, much more expensive and with a typography that makes me want to sleep in it. Shit. I knew it. "Mediocre". Because of phenoxyethanol, which involves a "medium risk." An average risk is to take life less seriously, I suppose. Swing too hard, without holding on tightly, or letting go of your hands just after gaining momentum. But she's my daughter, it's not funny. I bought an expensive shampoo for her in a pharmacy and a cheap one for me in the super corner and it turns out that I am doing things wrong. I wonder what the Ministry of Health thinks about all this.

I am in front of the kitchen cupboard where I store food. Actually, I don't know if I want to do it. In 60%, this app It is based on a recognized nutritional classification, specifically that of NutriScore. The rest responds to the existence of additives and the organicity of the product. Can of fried tomato. Scanner. "Excellent," he tells me. Milk brick Scanner. "Good". Cocoa powder Scanner. "Bad". A red dot It is done. All the sirens sound. I return the boat to its place (why don't I throw it in the trash? Will I be able to dump the teaspoon on Sunday breakfast for my daughter after this?) And leave the phone on the counter. Wasn't he aware of everything?

It is a matter of control. I remember that, during a past moment of my life, I tried to control almost everything and then gave up in battle. Try to open your eyes in the tangled forest. After the information comes the action. Little soldiers breaking the code of life and acting accordingly. But there are so many open fronts that I would appreciate some help from the high spheres. Although I understand that they too must be exhausted or distracted. I stroke the mobile screen. It is my opportunity, I have been granted in this free system: it is time to pass the scanner for each product of the pantry, but also for each garment of our clothes, for the foundations of the mortgage of this house and for the books of the school of the girl, for her public education and for our health card, I am now obliged to act, I have to approach the window and scan the air, the entire city, the night, the future. But I am not able. I get into bed, because I get up early and, this time without a doubt, I think I'm going to pass out. Tomorrow

Lara Moreno She is a writer. His latest novel is Wolf skin (Lumen)

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