Wapa Televisión programs will compete for a noble cause

Since this morning, in wapa television a competitive environment prevails. Monica Candelaria, Melvin y Ackerly Cedeno, Jaime Mayol, Jay Fonseca y Brenda Rivera they met in the lobby of Channel 4 to represent their respective productions and made it clear that they will do whatever it takes to win.

This is not a contest or a search for which program is better. Quite the opposite. In alliance with Evertec will celebrate -for the second consecutive year- the ATH Móvil Week for Puerto Rico.

From February 13 to 17, “NotiCentro at dawn”, “Hit at noon”, “Long live the afternoon”, “I know everything” y “Data is data” will promote the growth of non-profit organizations through the ATH Móvil “Donate” service. In a press conference that was broadcast on the social networks of Wapa Televisión, Alexandra López-Soler, Evertec’s main Marketing officer, assured that the six entities that achieve the highest amount of collection in this period, the company will give them an additional bonus of $5,000.

“After the success of the first edition, we continue to bet on and expand the ATH Móvil por Puerto Rico initiative to provide visibility and continue supporting non-profit organizations that are essential for the socioeconomic development of Puerto Rico. At Evertec, we recognize that non-profit organizations are the first to act in favor of the people, supporting the causes most in need, especially in times of crisis during which ATH Móvil’s ‘Donate’ functionality speeds up fundraising effective and immediate”, said the executive who, in addition, was grateful to Channel 4 and its president, Jorge Hidalgo, for welcoming the initiative.

In its first edition, ATH Móvil Week for Puerto Rico raised $200,000. López-Soler also explained that more than 700 non-profit organizations are registered in the ATH Móvil “Donate” functionality.

The dynamic between the Wapa Televisión spaces will consist of each one having to choose three active organizations in ATH Móvil “Donate” to give them exposure and help them in the process. To this will be added dozens of “influencers” who, likewise, will adopt their favorite organization and motivate their followers to donate. Among them, Pamela Noah, lcda. Vivian Santiago Trinidad, Didi Romero y Ashley Ann Carino Barreto.

Organizations supported by Wapa Television

The “NotiCentro al amanecer” team will support the Agro-Mujer Association of Puerto Rico, Hope for Old Age and the Cupey Girls’ Home. “Pégate al mediodía”, for its part, will be in charge of promoting the donation to Kids 4 Green Culebra, Fundación Caritas Sanadas and Mercy for Satos. “Viva la tarde”, meanwhile, will support 10-8 InService, De Frente Al Alzheimer and Hogar Nueva Mujer. The production of “I know everything” decided to focus on the Julia de Burgos Sheltered House, El Sueño de Alana and the Pisadas de Amor Foundation. The efforts of “The data are the data” will be directed to the Center for Investigative Journalism.

“For us at Wapa it is a pleasure to participate in projects like this that contribute to society through non-profit organizations on the island. It is important to insert ourselves into initiatives with a community impact that allow continuity of quality services for different sectors,” Hidalgo mentioned.

Among the talents present during the press conference, an attitude of enthusiasm and eagerness to start fundraising campaigns prevailed. Each one had the opportunity to express themselves in a small conversation led by the presenter of “Viva la tarde” and “NotiCentro”, Nicole Chacon.

“There is no small contribution, what we are looking for is for you to be motivated. There are 700 foundations in Puerto Rico that need the contribution and that hold massive events throughout the year,” said Mayol.

Brenda Rivera, who took the opportunity to boast that the “I know everything” team was the big winner last year, highlighted the kindness of the Puerto Ricans in times of adversity.

“We are very grateful to be part of this opportunity again. Also (last year) it was proven that the effort worked and that the call to the people, when the Puerto Rican is called, it does not matter where he is, the Puerto Rican donates. No matter how much, there is always to give ”, he exclaimed.

Fonseca, for his part, revealed that, although he has had differences with the Center for Investigative Journalismrecognizes its importance in the historical times facing the country.

“We have reached a point in society where we cannot speak. We can no longer dialogue, even if we have differences. I have a lot of differences with daddy, and God knows what with mommy, because of the diet, ”he joked. “But I love my father, I love my mother, even though we have differences, especially mommy who always tells me to give up everything and go be a pastor again. We have reached the point where we do not even want or have the illusion that someone can speak from the heart, where everything is trade, where everything is how I advance my agenda, ”she expressed with emotion.

This year, GFR Media joins the fundraising campaign as an amplifier to provide its visibility. In this line, the CEO of the leading communications company on the island, Pedro Zorrilla, thanked that “they have the brands of The new day y First hourand its different platforms, in order to disseminate this initiative and achieve greater donations”.