War in the eyes of photographers in Ukraine. May 14 / Script


On February 24, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered an invasion of Russian troops into Ukraine. Putin claimed that NATO was going to use Ukraine as a bridgehead for aggression against Russia, although there was no evidence of these allegations. Ukraine believes that Putin’s real goal is to destroy Ukraine’s statehood and bring the territory under Moscow’s control.

Russia hoped to occupy Kiev and other major Ukrainian cities within a few days, but Ukraine’s armed forces showed fierce resistance to the occupiers and Russia failed to achieve its goals. Russian occupation forces continue to fire on Ukrainian cities, causing increasing civilian casualties.

In early April, the international community was shocked by news from the Kiev-based city of Bucha, where Russian troops brutally retaliated against civilians. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has described it as a war crime and genocide against the Ukrainian people.

More than 5.8 million refugees have fled Ukraine since the start of the war.

Russia’s aggression against Ukraine has provoked widespread international condemnation, and new sanctions are being imposed on Russia. Many Western companies have decided to leave the Russian market.

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