War in Ukraine: $500,000 from Federer for 6 million children

It is announced on his Twitter account. Swiss tennis player Roger Federer will help the Ukrainians in his own way after the Russian invasion.

The Federer Foundation will help around 6 million Ukrainian children who have dropped out of school and are collateral victims of the attack orchestrated by Russia, by supporting them financially to the tune of $500,000.

Roger and his family have decided to confirm the info by press release via their social network: “We are for peace. We will provide assistance to Ukrainian children who need care, about 6 million Ukrainian children are currently out of school and we know that it is very important to give them access to education and we would like to help them cope with this extremely traumatic experience. Through the Roger Federer Foundation, we will support WAR Child Holland with a donation of $500,000 to enable Ukrainian children to continue their education.”

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