War Thunder – When War Thunder players reveal military secrets to guide game updates

How do you convince War Thunder developers to change in-game gear stats? By relying on very real technical documents, incidentally classified as “secret defence”.

Players are sometimes able to mobilize and deploy significant resources to influence development teams and steer the direction of an update. The official forums of War Thunder provide a new example: in order to encourage the developers to review the statistics of certain vehicles in the game of military confrontations, a Chinese player clearly supported his argument with real official Chinese military documents, classified and subject to “defense secrets” .

The relevant information (official documentation and photos of the DTC10-125, an anti-tank ammunition used by the Chinese army to pierce enemy tank armor) was quickly deleted and the user banned from the War Thunder forums. But obviously, Internet users were the quickest and the documents are now circulating on social networks.

According to specialized press in the subjects of defenses and armaments, the main specifications of the ammunition were already known at least partially, but the official technical documents describing the specifications of the projectile which were disclosed on the War Thunder forum provide their share of details and authenticate indiscretions known to insiders – notably the ammunition’s level of penetration according to armor, its velocity according to temperature, its level of dispersion, in addition to technical diagrams or instructions for handling the device.

And this is not the first time that the War Thunder forums have been the setting for the dissemination of confidential military data: Kotaku recalls that in July last year the manual for the British Challenger 2 battle tank was already there was published and three months later, it was that of the French Leclerc tank which followed (to settle a difference of opinion between two players of the military game on the official forum). Player resources are limitless!