War Ukraine – Russia, last minute live today: Putin announces a partial military mobilization

Baltic countries respond cautiously to Russian mobilization

The three Baltic countries – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania – all of them border with Russia, They responded cautiously on Wednesday to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s announcement of a partial mobilization of reservists for the war against Ukraine.

Deputy Chief of Defense EstoniaGeneral Veiko-Vello Palm, declared that the partial mobilization of Russia does not pose a direct military threat to his countryalthough he warned that he is preparing his own response Package, although unspecified.

The Ministry of Defense of Latvia issued a statement stating that, even with the partial mobilization of Russia, the level of military threat to the country remains low. “Putin cannot accept the failure of his occupation plan in Ukraine and at the front, so he is willing to escalate the situation with both conventional threats and nuclear blackmail and other elements,” Minister Artis Pabriks said.

The Minister of Defense recalled that Latvia is conducting annual military exercises throughout the country from September 5 to October 9, and the armed forces are in “high readiness”.

Lithuania for his part he replied raising the alert level of the Rapid Reaction Force of Lithuania, said Defense Minister Arvydas Anusauskas. “Since the Russian military mobilization will also take place in the Kaliningrad region, that is, in our neighborhood, Lithuania cannot just watch,” the minister wrote.