War with Ukraine, Russia spends IDR 4.4 trillion a day, Ukraine loses IDR 8,000 trillion

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, RUSSIA – War does not only cause casualties.

The war also cost a lot of money.

Hundreds or even thousands of tools and weapons systems with no small value were deployed to win the war.

Russian authorities admit they spent more than $300 million per day on the defense sector budget last month.

The cost was mostly spent on the military invasion of Ukraine which continues to this day.

Ministry of Finance of Russia as reported by The Moscow TimesWednesday (18/5/2022), confirmed that the amount was more than double the pre-war defense spending.

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Since President Vladimir Putin sent troops to Ukraine at the end of last February, the defense budget has continued to climb.

Because the Russian armed forces failed to make a quick victory and set a strategy to seize eastern Ukraine.

This makes the cost of war continues to swell.

According to data from the Ministry of Finance, Russia’s defense budget spending in February reached up to 369 billion rubles or equivalent to Rp. 85.3 trillion.