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At least twice a year, those who do not have large dressing rooms at home, must undertake the dreaded task of changing the wardrobe: keeping clothes out of season and taking out the clothes that will be used daily in the following months. So when it comes to storage, any extra help in the form of side cabinets, boxes or covers is more than welcome.

A convenient and useful resource for storing clothes is to use a type of bag that allows you to store clothes in a vacuum. An example is this pack 6 bags, the best seller of its category on Amazon, which by removing the air inside with a vacuum cleaner considerably reduces the space occupied by clothes in closets. They are suitable for storing all kinds of clothing, bedding such as duvets, sheets, bedspreads or even pillows.

Buy for € 18.99 on Amazon

With double hermetic and antimicrobial seal

It consists of six bags of 60 x 80 centimeters each that, after filling them with clothes and using the vacuum cleaner to remove the air inside, save up to 77% of the usual space that these garments usually occupy. They are made of a durable material PA + PE (Polyamide and Polyethylene) that allow multiple uses and has a thickness of 0.07 millimeters.

To ensure they are completely sealed are equipped with a double hermetic seal to fix the edge of the closure and a turbo valve that prevents air from entering the bag later. For its composition and tightness also prevent stored textiles from coming into contact with dust, moisture, insects or moths.

Wardrobe change: Vacuum store clothes with the best-selling bags on Amazon and save space

In addition to storing clothing or home textiles at home, These bags can also be used to travel and maximize the space available in the suitcase. Next to this pack 6 bags on Amazon can also be purchased, from the same firm, another set of 12 bags, in different sizes, for 22.99 euros.

Buy for € 18.99 on Amazon

What do those who have tried them say?

With a rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 and the first place among the best-selling items in its categoryThese bags seem to have consumer backing on Amazon. Among the more than 2,000 comments that they have left on the platform you can find practical tips for those who are thinking of acquiring them like these:

“We have kept the blankets and coats, everything has entered a small closet, when that closet and two attics were usually needed”, explains a user named JoseMa. “It comes without a pump to remove the air, but with the vacuum cleaner it is great. (…) Highly recommended ”.

Wardrobe change: Vacuum store clothes with the best-selling bags on Amazon and save space

María C. also details how her experience has been after using them at home: “Fantastic purchase. (…) As seen in the photos, a quilt is reduced in size by at least half. The bags are resistant and have a double closure that prevents air from entering. It may seem excessive, but there are some bags that after a few months allow all the air to enter. (…) Very happy since the large number of bags it contains is also not enough for all winter and bedding ”.

Buy for € 18.99 on Amazon

How to use the bags

Wardrobe change: Vacuum store clothes with the best-selling bags on Amazon and save space

1. Put the clothes in the bag without filling them too much, leaving them a bit loose.

2. Use the applicator to close the bag pressing so that it is well sealed. It can be passed from end to end several times to ensure there are no air leaks.

3. Take the aspirator and place the aspirator nozzle covering the entire circumference of the valve.

4. Start the vacuum cleaner to absorb the air inside the bag.

5. When the air has been reduced enough, remove the nozzle from the vacuum cleaner and screw the cap on the bag.

It is not recommended, however, to store leather or leather garments in this type of bags. And neither expose them to high temperatures, since being plastic they can deteriorate.

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