Warehouse employees at Amazon UK are so afraid of going to the bathroom that they urinate in bottles


Image: Amazon worker (AP) According has explained author James Bloodworth, who infiltrated a warehouse in Staffordshire for a book on low wages in the UK he is working in, many of the employees who work in Amazon warehouses urinate in bottles for fear of being punished “for taking a break”. Bloodworth, who has spoken with the The Sun He explained that those who work in the warehouse area fear “losing time” because the bathrooms are too far away, and desperate to keep their jobs, have developed a system called “toilet bottle”. According to the author: For those of us who work on the top floor, the closest toilets were on four flights of stairs. People only urinated in bottles because they lived in fear of being disciplined during ‘idle time’ and losing their jobs just because they needed to go to the toilet. The truth is that the company is famous for tracking the speed with which warehouse workers can pick up and package items from their shelves, imposing strictly scheduled breaks and objectives. In fact, warning points are issued for those who do not meet their objectives or take extended breaks. Image: Amazon Stores (AP) Apparently, in a poll that appears on the Organize workers’ campaign platform, and another appeared on Monday, found that employees felt considerably more anxious after joining Amazon. These were some of the complaints of the anonymous workers who participated: The objectives have increased dramatically. I do not drink water because I do not have time to go to the bathroom … The goal grows every year. I still do not have two more legs to do the 100% they ask me, when in reality you need to run and go to the bathroom only during the break. Packaging 120 products per hour is terribly heavy … You have to pack two products per minute. You do not have time to drink water because if you go to the bathroom every night you are sent messages and they tell you to hurry … I showed up for my shift even though I felt like crap, I managed for 2 hours and then I could not do more. I told my supervisor and I was discharged, I had a gastric problem (illness and diarrhea, very bad) with a sick note along with an explanation from the doctor, but I still received a warning. And what does Amazon say to all this? The company told The Sun the following: Amazon ensures that all its members have easy access to the sanitary facilities that are a few steps away from where they are working. Amazon offers a safe and positive workplace for thousands of people across the UK with a competitive salary and benefits from the first day. The statement ends with the statement that the giant will focus on the future ” in ensuring that we provide an excellent environment for all of our employees ” [ The Sun ]


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