Company Warner Bros. can offer the role of Superman in the new films to actor Michael B. Jordan, reports Deadline with reference to their sources. He will replace Henry Cavill, who will no longer play this character. According to the publication, the studio is already thinking about a completely different direction for the development of Superman's history, but while focused on the paintings about Supergirl, so the tape about one of the protagonists of the DC universe is still being postponed indefinitely .About Cavill's departure from the project reported earlier The Hollywood Reporter. There are several reasons for this. One of them is the switching of the company's attention to the history of Supergirl, and in it, according to the story line, Superman should be a child. According to another version, Warner Bros. still expects to restart the franchise with a new actor, as the previous tapes "did not work." Sources also say that the studio could have a conflict with Cavill because of problems with the schedule: the actor is now busy on the set of the series "The Witcher." Henry Cavill has played Superman in three films: "Man of Steel", "Batman vs. Superman: At the dawn justice "and" Justice League ". Michael B. Jordan is known for the role of supervillain N'Jadaka, which he performed in the picture on the comics Marvel "Black Panther". More hell and strange news in the Telegram channel "Bottom of the Bottom." Subscribe!


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