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Warner Bros. finally remembers that there should probably be a sequel to Aquaman

Photo: Warner Bros.

It was almost two months ago Aquaman They sloshed into the theaters, slapped the cinema crowd on the back with a hearty "My man!" And hit a beer can on the head, taking in more than $ 1 billion worldwide. Wondering why Warner Bros. did not already start a sequel? Let us find out.

Of course we can report that now The Hollywood Reporter, a sequel to DC's biggest movie ever released, is now officially under construction. The studio hires David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick, who co-wrote the first movie to document the adventures of Fishy McDudebro. And yes, original director James Wan will again be responsible for overseeing things as a producer. But whether he returns to the director's seat is still in the air. But it does not explain why it took so long – and even that Warner Bros. had lit a spinoff based on the screeching fish monsters from about five minutes of the first movie in the meantime, to start a second film. Sure, we can do it because both Warner Bros. and DC are pretty shy because they rushed into something too fast after the impetuous decisions in the area justice League and the previous films that nearly fueled the DCEU. However, it seems much more fun to speculate for no reason about the background of a sentimental Warner Bros. and his lack of attitude:

[Time:DasWochenendedanach[Time:Theweekendafter[Zeit:DasWochenendedanach[Time:TheweekendafterAquaman opens. Setting: The messy one-bedroom apartment of the Warner brothers. A faded Reservoir Dogs Poster is hanging on the wall.]

"Aquaman? That was pretty good for us, was not it? "One of the Warner brothers mumbles as the studio siblings sit back on their couch. The mushrooms that they took an hour ago, finally penetrated with all their might. "Should we do a sequel?"

His identical brother turns to him, a stupid smile on his face. "Oh, yes, man. Water buddy! "He chuckles and lets out a loud clatter of laughter, much like Paris Hilton read a Cathy Comic strip. His face is getting serious. "But first we want to finish playing Red Dead Redemption 2, "

"Sure, mi hermano! Rip open the Doritos and pop it! I'll call somebody in a couple of hours, and we'll start the movie sequence. "The brothers pick up their controllers and focus their attention on the big screen in front of them, as the plastic bag in which they were recently hallucinogens blowing on the floor, a small sticker on the bottom left corner remains invisible:"Warning: The effects take about two months, "



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