Warning: A woman walks over a strange man on a footbridge. hit with a pestle bulging head – bruised purple eyes

Warning: A woman walking in the garden of a strange man on an overpass in front of Soi Ngamwongwan 23 was hit with a pestle, a bulging head, bruised eyes.

From the case of a young woman singing to the news page Konnon at 06.40 am on December 26, 64 while walking across the overpass in front of Soi Ngamwongwan 23, Mueang Nonthaburi District. The perpetrator was a male, probably around 30-40 years old, carrying a bag, normal looking, innocuous. The incident during the walk in the middle of the overpass The man already had his hand in his pocket. He picked up an object wrapped in paper, about a foot long, and stretched his hand to his face. That moment hurts a lot. hear the skull I think that object is definitely a pepper pestle. turned to face each other The man said nothing. and the hand is still cocked So decided to walk away and went to report at the Rattanathibet Police Station police help check and said that the government surveillance cameras did not see the man Currently in the process of requesting a private camera.

(28 Dec. 64) Reporters visit the area near the overpass across Ngamwongwan Road. In front of Soi Ngamwongwan 23, Bang Khen Subdistrict, Mueng District, Nonthaburi Province, found that the overpass was in the middle of the bridge. There is a large road sign. In the middle of the overpass, there were light bulbs illuminating the way. at the way down the outbound bridge heading to Khae Rai It is a condo location with a security guard near the stairs. As for the way down the stairs on the inbound side, heading to Phong Phet Intersection. Located in front of a pawnshop, coffee shop and several stalls in which there were crowds of people passing by

CCTV footage of the condo captured the victim at 6:44 a.m. in the upper right corner. while walking in the middle of the overpass near the road sign Meanwhile, the assailant is a man walking against the victim and having a skirmish moment. The road signs were hidden. Then at 6:45 am, the victim walked down the overpass and took a taxi. The second CCTV footage captured the culprit while running on the side of Pantip Mall. Ngamwongwan Branch by running through the front of the mall escaping

police officer Rattanathibet Police Station Received a notice from Miss Tosaporn, 34, the victim that on 26 Dec. 64 at about 06.40 am that while walking across the overpass At the mouth of Soi Ngamwongwan 23, Bang Khen Subdistrict, Mueang District, Nonthaburi Province, found a culprit, never known before, used a stick to hit the area away from the eyebrows, causing a swollen wound. before running down the overpass and escaping towards Pantip Mall Ngamwongwan Branch The police then coordinated the investigative team to inspect the nearby CCTV cameras to find the identity of the assailant.

Prasitsom, 59, a coffee seller at the entrance to Pantip department store, said she was not at the coffee shop on the morning of the incident and did not know that someone had been attacked. But on the overpass two days earlier, a young woman had been abused by a homeless man. By opening the secret to see The homeless man was probably in his 40s. He didn’t want this to happen. It was dangerous. Ask the police to help organize the homeless from sleeping on the overpass. People walking around will not be afraid that something will happen.

Mr Decha, 50, a malai seller, said that on the day of the incident, he sold flowers in front of the parcel delivery shop. and there were many people waiting for the bus But didn’t see anything wrong. No fuss or fuss. I can’t see the villain But on the overpass, there was also an incident of a woman who was indecently manipulated by a homeless person. because homeless people like to sleep on overpasses A passerby could be abusive or indecent.

Miss Thosaporn, 34 years old, the victim, who is in the process of seeing a doctor at the hospital revealed over the phone that The morning of the incident, he traveled from his home through Soi Ngamwongwan 23 and then walked up to the overpass. As he reached the middle of the bridge, he saw a man in his 40s, who was like a normal person. As they were about to walk, they saw a man take something out of his bag and hit it on his head. which he hurriedly walked away afraid that he would strike again Turning around, he saw that the culprit ran down the overpass in front of Kerry’s shop. Heading to Pantip Department Store As for himself, he hurriedly walked down the overpass on the opposite side. which is in front of the condo, call a taxi and report

Initially, the police were in the process of checking CCTV footage and chasing the CCTV camera, sneezing on the path where the assailants were expected to flee in order to track them down and prosecute them according to the law.



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