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Corona numbers are increasing rapidly: Warning level is imminent in Baden-Württemberg

Photo: Kliniken Ostalb

The corona numbers are increasing rapidly: the district office has registered more than 800 active cases. More and more Covid patients are in intensive care units in clinics. The country is just before the warning level.

Friday 29 October 2021
Nicole Beuther
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The warning level is right outside the door. In the situation report on Thursday, the 7-day hospitalization incidence in Baden-Württemberg was 4.3. The situation is also tense in the clinics in the Ostalb district.

While initially nothing changes in the warning level in retail, access for non-immunized persons is made much more difficult in many areas. For example, anyone who has not been vaccinated or has recovered and wants to take part in public events such as the theater, club festivals and visit cultural institutions needs a PCR test at the warning level without any ifs or buts. And have to pay for it yourself!

What the warning level means for the catering industry, where a PCR test can be carried out in the Altkreis Gmünd and how much it costs is stated on Friday in the Rems newspaper. There is also an overview of the upcoming vaccination appointments.

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