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Warning level RED! Violent storm is rolling towards Vienna – weather

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Another severe weather alarm in Austria! Again a heavy hailstorm is sweeping parts of the country, the red weather warning level prevails.

Heavy hailstorms including heavy rain have left a trail of devastation in large parts of Austria in the past few days and caused severe damage. The weather situation calmed down again at the beginning of the new week, but the storm has not yet given up.

On the contrary! The Austrian Severe Weather Center announced the red weather warning level again on Monday evening, affecting the two federal states of Upper and Lower Austria. The hail storm is raging at the gates of Vienna and is getting closer and closer to the federal capital. But there is still no weather warning for Vienna.

Current severe weather warnings.uwz.at

In the other federal states, too, the weather presents itself from its sunny and friendly side, a weather warning is currently not in sight. However, as is well known, the situation can change rapidly. In the Tuesday night Especially in the north and the central northern Alps, there are still some rain showers and, in isolated cases, thunderstorms.

Storm at the gates of Vienna (as of 6:17 p.m.)
Storm at the gates of Vienna (as of 6:17 p.m.)uwz.at

30 degrees on Tuesday

Am Tuesday On the north side of the Alps and in the east some clouds pass through, from the Tyrolean Unterland to the Mariazeller Land a few showers fall at the beginning. In the afternoon, local showers or thunderstorms are possible from the Lienz Dolomites to the Karawanken, but in large parts of the country it remains dry and at least temporarily sunny. Moderate north-westerly wind, also brisk in the east, and 22 to 30 degrees from north to south.

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The Wednesday generally has a lot of sunshine to offer, especially in the east and in the afternoon over the mountains there are a few cumulus clouds. However, it is widespread that it remains friendly and dry all day. With weak to moderate north-westerly winds that are sometimes brisk in the east, the maximum values ​​are between 23 and 30 degrees.

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