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The warning octagons they are already a reality in Peru. Thanks to the Law for the Promotion of Healthy Eating for Children and Adolescents, its use is mandatory from June 17, 2019 in all industrialized foods whose content exceeds the parameters established by science for the sodium, sugar, Saturated fats or Trans fat.

The processed products may have up to four warning stamps according to their content and the parameters set in the regulation of the law of healthy eating.

– (Towards a Peru without obesity)
– (A great victory for public health)
– (Chile's experience with warning octagons)

According to Dr. Elmer Huerta detailed in a note published in El Comercio in November 2018, The octagon is one of the many models of labels printed on the front of a processed food container. It is different from the complicated nutrition information label – like the GDR – that is printed on the back or side of the products.

The front labels are distinguished by their clarity and direct message to the consumer, which allows them to make instant informed decisions at the place of purchase. Another example of a front label is the semaphore, which uses the colors of these devices to warn about the content of certain nutrients, such as fats, sugars and salt.

Before the appearance of the octagons in 2016, it was thought that traffic lights were a type of effective frontal warning. However, because of the simple and direct nature of its message-especially to children-several studies have shown that octagons are more effective.

Nowadays, besides Chile, Peru has been the first country to adopt them, although Uruguay decided to adopt the measure and Canada is close to approval.

Explained the context, now let's go to the evils behind trans fats, as well as the excessive consumption of sugar, sodium and saturated fats:

►High in sugar | Hazards to health

All sugar, whether natural or processed, is a type of simple carbohydrate that your body uses for energy. According to the Mayo Clinic, eating too many foods with added sugars could generate:

Bad nutrition. If you choose foods loaded with sugar instead of other more nutritious foods, you lose important nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Weight gain. In general, there is no single cause for overweight or obesity. But the added sugar could contribute to the problem.

Increase triglycerides, which can increase your risk of heart disease. Triglycerides are a type of fat in the bloodstream and fatty tissue.

Dental cavities. All forms of sugar promote tooth decay by allowing bacteria to multiply and grow.

► High in sodium | Hazards to health

Sodium is not only found in table salt, but also naturally in a wide variety of foods, such as milk, eggs, meat and seafood. Also, in much greater amounts in processed foods (breads, crackers, processed meats, bacon, cheese balls, cubes or broth tablets).

According to the WHO, reducing sodium intake significantly reduces blood pressure in adults. "High blood pressure (hypertension) is an important risk factor for cardiovascular diseases, especially the heart attacks and accidents cerebrovascular"he adds.

► High in saturated fat | Hazards to health

According to the Mayo Clinic, saturated fats are potentially harmful fats. They come mainly from foods of animal origin, such as red meats, poultry and whole milk products.

"Saturated fats increase total cholesterol levels in the blood and low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol levels, which can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. Saturated fats can also increase the risk of type 2 diabetes ", it states.

► Contains trans fat | Hazards to health

As for the Trans fat, the aforementioned clinic specifies that they are also potentially harmful fats. They are naturally present in some foods in small quantities, but most of them are produced from oils through a method of food processing called "partial hydrogenation".

"Trans fats can increase unhealthy LDL cholesterol and decrease healthy cholesterol of high density lipoproteins (HDL). This can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease ", add

In 1993, experts from Harvard University demonstrated for the first time that the consumption of trans fats caused around 100,000 heart attacks every year.

– (Trans fats, the poison for the heart that the world starts to prohibit)

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