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Warning of strong thunderstorms and high amounts of rain – Berlin.de

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The German Weather Service (DWD) warns of strong thunderstorms and heavy rain in Berlin and large parts of Brandenburg.

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On Wednesday (June 30, 2021), between 30 and 60 liters per square meter could fall within six hours, the DWD said. In addition, 80 liters per square meter could not be ruled out locally. In addition, thunderstorms can occur again and again. The afternoon will probably bring some relaxation for the south of Brandenburg. Individual thunderstorms with heavy rain cannot be ruled out. The maximum temperatures are between 22 and 24 degrees.

There is still a risk of storms at night

Further rainy – especially from the Havelland over the north of Brandenburg – it remains on Thursday night. According to the DWD, there is also the risk of thunderstorms and heavy rain in some areas. During the day it rains mainly in the north and west of Brandenburg, while it remains dry in Niederlausitz. Due to the frequent downpour, short-term traffic obstructions are to be expected. In addition, there is a risk of death in the event of lightning strikes.

Berliner Wasserbetriebe

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| Updated: June 30, 2021

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