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Status: 07.10.2020 11:00 p.m.

In Lower Saxony and Bremen around 3,500 employees of local transport companies stopped working on Wednesday morning. The background is the dispute over a nationwide collective agreement.

The Ver.di union was satisfied with the way the campaign went. The willingness of bus and light rail drivers in Hanover, Braunschweig, Göttingen, Wolfsburg, Goslar and Bremen is similar to that of the strike last week, said a spokesman during the warning strike. However, there were no rallies because of the corona pandemic.

Fewer buses and trains – significantly more traffic

The bus and train connections from the Üstra in Hanover were canceled until 1 a.m. on Thursday. S-Bahn and the Regiobus company were not affected. In the city, the increased volume of traffic from cars and cyclists was particularly noticeable on Wednesday morning, said a police spokeswoman. There was significantly more traffic and several accidents with injuries. In Braunschweig, too, scheduled services were canceled in the entire network on Wednesday, as the transport company BSVG announced.

Nationwide collective agreement required

With the campaigns, Ver.di wants to enforce a nationwide collective agreement for around 87,000 public transport employees, for example to regulate working and vacation times uniformly. So far, employers do not want to negotiate. Further warning strike actions are therefore not ruled out in the next few weeks, said the spokesman. One does not really want to fight the industrial action on the backs of the passengers, but the employers left no other choice.

Employers’ association speaks of “unreasonable demands on the population”

The Association of Local Employers ‘Associations (VKA) pointed out that the 16 local employers’ associations were responsible for collective bargaining. The umbrella association is not authorized to do so. “The warning strikes are not only an imposition for the population, but also for the local transport companies plagued by the crisis, who have to cope with enormous revenue losses in the course of the corona crisis,” said Thomas Wissgott from the VKA.

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No garbage collection in Hanover on Friday

In the second collective bargaining conflict in the public service, daycare centers in Hanover, the Sparkasse in Stade and the clinic in Lüneburg were on strike on Tuesday. According to ver.di, there were also minor warning strikes in Hameln, Scharnebeck (Lüneburg district) and at the city of Stade, the Stade Employment Agency and the Stade Sparkasse. On Friday, the union wants to paralyze garbage collection in Hanover and the surrounding area.

Talks in the wage dispute will continue on October 22nd. In mid-September these ended without any results. The unions are demanding, among other things, 4.8 percent more money from the federal government and local authorities, but at least 150 euros.

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