Warning strike in North Rhine-Westphalia: The labor dispute continues on Wednesday

NRW. The warning strikes in the public sector continue on Thursday. Airports are to be on strike on Friday – Dortmund is affected in NRW.

  • For the Collective bargaining in the public sector the Verdi union has again called for warning strikes.
  • Among other things municipal administrations will be on Thursday on strike
  • Freitag should now several airports to be struck. In NRW it is Dortmund Airport affected.
  • In the current collective bargaining round, Verdi is demanding 10.5 percent more income

It continues with the warning strikes also on Thursday: Among other things, municipal administrations are at the center. Verdi has work stoppages at the city administration Bielefeldthe city and district administration Recklinghausenat the Ruhrverband as well as with the Stadtwerke Bochum announced.

Savings banks and hospital affected on Thursday

In addition, the Savings Banks Recklinghausen and Bottrop as well as that Bottrop Miners’ Hospital to be struck. Overall, however, fewer outstanding payments can be expected on Thursday than in previous days, said Verdi spokesman Udo Milbret on Wednesday. No further warning strikes are initially planned for local transport.

Am Freitag then operations at seven airports are to be paralyzed for the whole day. Because public servants also work at the airports, and they are often paid according to the collective agreements of the municipalities.

Verdi announced on Wednesday night that the airports in Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Dortmund, Hanover and Bremen to strike all day. The warning strike is scheduled to begin early Friday morning and end on Saturday night. Aid deliveries to the earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria are said to be exempt from the strike.

The warning strike Dortmund Airport is scheduled from Friday morning (3am) to Saturday morning (3am). Verdi announced the strike early on Wednesday morning so that many travelers could use alternative options, it said.

Warning strike at Dortmund Airport: Düsseldorf could be an alternative airport

Düsseldorf and Cologne/Bonn are not called to go on strike,” confirmed the responsible trade union secretary Özay Tarim from Verdi to this editorial office on Wednesday morning. However, it is possible that take-offs and landings from other airports will switch to the two large NRW airports Dusseldorf Airport evade,” says Süleyman Ucar, spokesman for Düsseldorf Airport, when asked.

If possible, the additional volume should have as little impact on passengers as possible: “In order to ensure that there are no restrictions for our passengers, we are currently checking how many alternative flights are possible and are planning appropriate capacities.” On the other hand, it is unclear whether flights should also be relocated to Cologne/Bonn Airport. “We don’t have any information about that now,” says spokesman Alexander Weise.

Verdi continued warning strikes on Wednesday

Local transport was a focus of the actions on Tuesday. Buses and trains in Cologne, Essen, Bochum and Oberhausen were affected. The strike call was also followed by employees in city administrations, day-care centers and waste disposal companies.

In the collective bargaining dispute with the municipal employers, the Verdi union has called for further warning strikes. The focus is on this one Wednesday die municipal administrations. Among other things, the city administrations in Bochum, Essen, Kamp-Lintfort, Moers, Neukirchen-Vluyn, Oberhausen, Remscheid, Siegen and Solingen to be struck, in district of Wesel local transport is also affected.

Various city services are said to be affected by the walkout. For example, employees of day care centers, municipal baths and waste disposal companies are called on to go on warning strikes. In Cologne, the city clinics are to be struck.

There are still cancellations on the bus and train lines Lower Rhine Public Transport (NIAG) to expect the in Duisburg, as well as in the districts of Kleve and Wesel. According to the Verdi district spokesman, further warning strikes in local transport are not planned for the current week.

Around 10,000 employees in NRW involved in strikes

With the warning strikes, the union wants to emphasize its demands in the ongoing collective bargaining dispute between the federal and local public services and urge the employer to submit an offeregen. Last Thursday, according to union information, around 10,000 employees in NRW involved in the warning strikes.

In the current collective bargaining round, Verdi is demanding 10.5 percent more income, but at least 500 euros more for the 640,000 employees in NRW. Municipal employers in North Rhine-Westphalia reject this as economically unmanageable.

The demand for a wage increase of at least 500 euros per month corresponds to an average wage increase of 15 percent and in the lower wage groups of up to 25 percent, emphasized the employers. Nationwide, this would mean additional costs of over 15 billion euros annually. The second round of collective bargaining is for the February 22nd and 23rd planned in Potsdam.

Public employers: warning strike so early is “unusual”

At the Association of Municipal Employers in North Rhine-Westphalia, the warning strikes of the past week are viewed as critical: Chief Executive Bernhard Langenbrinck said last Thursday: “We had just started the collective bargaining. There is a two-day warning strike already unusual.” The employers aimed for a collective bargaining agreement in the third round of negotiations.

The first round of negotiations between employers and the union ended in January without a result. Verdi, the civil servants’ association and the unions of educators (GEW) and police officers (GdP) are demanding more money for the employees.

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