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No buses, no trams and subways: In many cities, commuters have to switch to other modes of transport because of the warning strike on local transport. Our overview shows where there are strikes.

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Because of the nationwide warning strike in local public transport (ÖPNV) numerous bus and train connections failed in Hessen on Tuesday. There were no trams or underground trains in Frankfurt. In Wiesbaden buses remained in the depots, in Kassel trams and buses. According to the Verdi union, around 3,100 employees across Hesse went out of work. “This is a clear signal in the direction of municipal employers,” said a spokeswoman for the regional association in Frankfurt.

The work stoppages had started with the start of the morning shift around 1 a.m. and were supposed to last until the end of operations on Wednesday night. S-Bahn and regional trains are not affected by the strike.

The warning strikes organized nationwide by the Verdi union are also planned for Wednesday. Then strikes will no longer take place in public transport, but in hospitals and in administration. The following cities in Hessen are affected:

Frankfurt: railways, authorities and daycare centers

Commuters have had to prepare for failures in Frankfurt since early Tuesday morning. A total of ten tram lines and all nine subway lines were affected. The Frankfurt Transport Company (VGF) recommended on its website to travelers and commuters to switch to S-Bahn, regional trains and bus routes. “Of course, they cannot be a full replacement for the lines on strike,” it said. The strike will last until Wednesday at 3 a.m., the VGF announced.

❗ Warning strike: U-Bahn and trams stop ❗ As expected, the drivers of the Frankfurt U-Bahn and trams are called for a warning strike on Tuesday, September 29th. From the start of operations, all lines are idle for 24 hours. Information and alternatives: https://t.co/hEGWbIIDoh

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In Frankfurt city administration workers are also called on to strike. The expected consequence: longer waiting times at authorities and closed daycare centers. In addition to the municipal day-care centers, the public order office, the health department, the job center and the green space department are also affected.

Wiesbaden: ESWE buses

According to a Verdi spokeswoman, no buses operated by the transport company ESWE drove in Wiesbaden on Tuesday. According to the ESWE, there were also failures on community lines 6, 9, 28 and 33 because there was also a strike in Mainz. The warning strike began with the morning shift and ends with the late shift.

Kassel: trams and buses

In Kassel, the warning strike hit all trams and blue buses of the KVG. The transport company announced that the trips to Vellmar, Baunatal and Lossetal had also been canceled. The regiotrams, the connections to the Kassel area, were also affected.

A spokeswoman for the North Hessian Transport Association (NVV) pointed out that the bus routes marked in red and all local trains were running according to plan. Therefore, there is an alternative option for passengers in the Kassel area.



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Marburg and Giessen: University Hospital

At both locations of the central Hessian university clinic, the employees are supposed to rest their work from the early shift on Tuesday to the late shift on Wednesday. However, this has no effect on emergency patients: “Emergency care is ensured in both university hospitals even during the strike,” said the chairman of the university hospital’s management board, Gunther Weiß, on Monday.

All hospitalized patients would continue to be cared for. However, there could be delays or postponements. The reason for the strike at the university clinic is, according to Verdi, stagnant collective bargaining. More money is being demanded for the approximately 7,800 non-medical employees.

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Darmstadt: Helmholtz Research Institute

In Darmstadt, according to Verdi, the employees of the Helmholtz Center for Heavy Ion Research were called for the first time to stop their work on Tuesday. It is one of the few particle accelerator facilities in the world for research.

Offenbach: City administration

The employees of Offenbach’s city administration have called Verdi for a warning strike on Wednesday. Longer waiting times or postponements are therefore to be expected at the offices.


According to a Verdi spokeswoman, warning strikes will also take place in several hospitals on Wednesday. The union called the district hospitals in Erbach (Odenwald) and Heppenheim (Bergstrasse), the Vitos hospitals in Heppenheim and Gießen-Marburg, the hospitals in Hanau and Fulda, the Lahn-Dill hospitals in Wetzlar and the Main-Kinzig-Kreis geriatric care center to go on strike.

The staff of the hospital in Darmstadt will strike with a delay on Thursday, said Verdi. Already last Thursday there were warning strikes in other hospitals and care facilities.

Nationwide tariff dispute

The strikes are part of a nationwide call by Verdi. For employees in local public transport, the union calls for collective bargaining at the federal level as well as uniform regulations on issues such as the promotion of young talent, relief and compensation for overtime and allowances for shift work. The employers reject this.

For the employees of the public service of the municipalities, Verdi is also calling for an increase in income by 4.8 percent, or a minimum amount of 150 euros per month for a term of twelve months.

Broadcast: hr-fernsehen, hessenschau compact, 29.09.2020, 4.45 p.m.

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