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After the Warriors selected PBJ in the first round, they were selected with the 44th pick (the 51st pick in the transaction with the Eagles), the 55th pick, and an undrafted (expected to be signed with a dual contract). Let’s take a look!

Welcome to Golden State, Patrick Baldwin Jr., 2022 Warriors draft

Ryan Rollins,Toledo,SG

19.1 points, 6 rebounds, 3.5 assists this season

6’3″, 179 lbs

This player is a standard combo guard. Although small in stature, he has 6-foot-9 long arms, allowing him to average 6 rebounds per game. Don’t forget that he is just a guard.

Rollins was at Toledo, obviously playing the lead, and he had a lot of individual skills, scoring 0.89 points per possession for Pull Up (72nd), 1.22 points per possession (68th), and 0.85 points per possession (67th), And the most powerful is his C&S, which ranks 39th with a score of 0.92.

Such shooting ability is also a big key for the Warriors to select him. At present, it is a bit like the Warriors’ Poole. At the same time, if you look closely at the game, you can find that the ability to shoot without the ball is his strength. Does it feel more suitable for the Warriors? a little.

But good without the ball and good C&S does not mean good 3-pointers. This season, only 30% of 3-pointers are his weakness. Compared with his template Poole, there is a gap of nearly 30% and 5%, which is also a high-quality first. The difference between hair and normal rotation.

From his game, although you can notice some of Playmaker’s potential, when he holds the ball, the effect is really ordinary. You can probably only treat him as an ordinary ball holding point, but in other words, the Warriors are not lacking. This Playmaker-type player, if changed to serve as a contact point, may also have a good effect.

Although his explosiveness is good, as mentioned above, he has a lot of high-quality offensive methods, especially in the middle distance. Then he must be above the standard and suitable for the sixth man of the Warriors system.

It’s just that I have said so much, and I haven’t mentioned defense. Although he has a pair of long arms, he is explosive and has a tendency to be lazy, which makes his single defense really bad. As for the assist defense, it is estimated that the Warriors still If there is a chance to let him practice, the long arms can still interfere with many players’ cuts. Perhaps a helper above the level will be a good position.


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Gui Santos, Brazil, SF

12 points, 5 rebounds, 2.8 assists this season

6’8″, 185 lbs

This player is very interesting. Judging from his game screen, he has the ability to run empty-handed. His ability to fight for rebounds and his defense is very good. Although his shooting is still unstable, he feels very good. He has a 7-foot arm. Exhibition allows him to do what he is good at more smoothly.

But if it’s just the lack of consistent shooting, it’s impossible to fall to the 55th pick.

Yes, the biggest difference is that there are not many players from the Brazilian league in the NBA. It will definitely take a while for the intensity to change, that is, the way he plays there. In addition to running empty-handed in the NBA, many others are It remains to be seen.

But one thing to say, he is very developed in terms of contact, and he can already use a lot of footsteps to let him get rid of defenders and get comfortable space on the perimeter, which is often seen in his Highlights.

But at present, although he has the same height as OPJ, but this weight makes him unable to hit the small ball No. 5, No. 4 should be considered the limit, but the author is also optimistic that he has the opportunity to have the ability to switch defense 1-4 The comprehensiveness of the number position, but whether or not to hang meat, the author thinks it is still necessary, because of his poor confrontation, it is likely to be limited in development, but also pay attention not to lose the original mobility, coordination.

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Lester Quinones,Memphis,SG

10 points, 3.5 rebounds, 1.3 assists this season

6’5″, 208 lbs

In the article on Summer Homework – Golden State Warriors Draft Candidates Collection + Analysis of Warriors Suitability, Quinones is the only player mentioned by the author who was later drafted by the Warriors.

Looking at it now, he will be quite similar to Duncan Robinson. It is not difficult for him to adapt to the Warriors system because of his ability to move on and off the ball, but he still remembers Duncan Robinson’s weakness. In addition to his single offensive method, defense is also his weakness. , so in the end it starts from a two-way contract.

In other words, if Quinones wants to stand on the NBA stage, his shooting performance is bound to maintain a certain level. This season, the Rockets’ Garrison Mathews is also a good example.

Given that he was able to make about 40% of his shots in the next two years of college, the shooting part should not be a problem.

However, when there is no shortage of such players in the market, they need to show more things to ensure that they stay in the rotation for a long time, and even the defense needs to be improved. However, don’t worry, this is just an undrafted pick. And it is signed with a two-way contract, and the expectations should not be put too high.

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