Warsaw. There are changes in the Krucza street. Officials want to make Barcelona La Rambla out of it

The Municipal Roads Authority is looking for a contractor who will analyze the traffic in Krucza. Officials want the street to have “a decidedly downtown character like Barcelona’s La Rambla”. – The center of the road will be occupied by a wide pedestrian passage, shaded by tall lines of trees. Car traffic will be calmed down, there will be facilities for cyclists – they are enumerating.

– Krucza Street in its present form was established in the 1950s as the main axis of the new socialist realist central district. This is why, despite its low communication importance, it has a width of 30-40 meters. A significant part of this space is taken up by a road with four or even five lanes. Cars also take up space on both sides of the road, parking obliquely in bays and on sidewalks. Such a wide road becomes unnecessary in the face of the ongoing reconstruction of the Pięć Rogów square – points out Marzena Wojewódzka from the press department of the capital city hall.

As he adds, car traffic in Krucza has dropped significantly since the start of this investment: – It was predictable – traffic analyzes carried out before the reconstruction of the square indicated that it would contribute to reducing the number of cars in Krucza by as much as a thousand vehicles per hour.

That is why the officials decided to rebuild Krucza on the section from Aleje Jerozolimskie to Piękna street. – It will be given a definitely downtown character, it will change to the model of La Rambla in Barcelona – says Wojewódzka. – The center of the road will be occupied by a wide pedestrian passage, shaded by tall lines of trees. Car traffic will be calmed down and there will be facilities for cyclists. Thanks to the change of character, Krucza Street will become a friendly space for everyone and a place conducive to the development of services and gastronomy. The missing pedestrian crossings, bicycle infrastructure and greenery will be built – the official enumerates.

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For now, area analysis

The City Hall also informs that the detailed design of the street reconstruction will be preceded by an “area traffic analysis” which will allow to assess which variant of the reconstruction will be the best and how to organize traffic on Krucza itself and its streets. – The analysis will consist in carrying out measurements at all intersections on the said section, and then on the macro-simulation of traffic. Measurements will be carried out in the fall – three times in a given location in two communication peaks, i.e. between 7-9 and 15-17. They will show how many cars are in the test site. In turn, the macrosimulation will allow to check how both variants of the planned investment will affect the traffic in Krucza and its immediate surroundings – explains Wojewódzka.

According to officials, the tender for traffic tests should be settled during the summer holidays, so that the contractor can start field work in September. The analysis is to be ready by the end of the year. – Thanks to this, at the beginning of 2022 it will be possible to look for a designer of this reconstruction – convinces Wojewódzka.

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Part of a bigger plan

The investment is part of the wider plan of the New Center of Warsaw. Last year, as part of this plan, Aleja Jana Pawła II and the roundabout Czter 30olatka were rebuilt. Currently, work is underway at Pięć Rogów Square and the western part of the central section of Marszałkowska Street. The construction of the Museum of Modern Art is also underway near the Palace of Culture and Science. By the end of the year, the Dmowskiego roundabout will be changed, and ultimately, in the next few years, in coordination with PKP PLK, which will renovate the cross-city tunnel, the town hall intends to rebuild Aleje Jerozolimskie. Marszałkowska Street from Plac Konstytucji to Plac Bankowy, as well as the vicinity of Plac Trzech Krzyży is also to take on a new character. The city also plans to rebuild the square in front of the Palace of Culture and Science (the so-called Central Square). Recently, the winners of the competition for the reconstruction of the vicinity of Chmielna Street were selected, and a week ago a competition for the development of the vicinity of Złota Street and Zgoda Street was announced.

The president of the capital, Rafał Trzaskowski, hopes that thanks to all these investments, central streets will take on “the character of a sustainable urban space.” “In each of these locations, the changes assume the creation of a comfortable and friendly space for pedestrians and local entrepreneurs, including supplementing the missing passages at the street level, comprehensive planting of greenery, construction of the missing bicycle infrastructure, priority for public transport and marking parking spaces by the road” – he argues town hall in communication.

Krucza will change as part of the “New Center of Warsaw”ZDM

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