Was the coronavirus created in a laboratory in China? What the Crisis Center thinks

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Some suspect China of having created the coronavirus in a laboratory in China, it is not the case according to Belgian experts.

VSSome rumors attribute the origin of the coronavirus to a human creation in a Chinese laboratory. Faced with this assertion, the country’s scientists are skeptical. “What we do know is that this virus most likely comes from the natural environment. There are viruses extremely similar to this one which circulate among the bats in China ”, explains Emmanuel André.

The virus was therefore most likely transmitted to humans accidentally, either via an intermediate animal or because in China, these bats are eaten.

“We have no argument that this virus has escaped or been made in a laboratory. The genetic structure of this virus is a natural structure. “

If the virus had been made in the laboratory, there would be clues. “When you modify the genes of a virus, it leaves traces that you can notice. In this case, we have no indication to that effect. “

“Most likely, as with many pathogens in history, it is an accident in nature or a virus that circulates in animals is transferred to humans and develops the ability to be transmitted from man to man. “



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