"Oumuamua" was called the unknown object. The name suggests that researchers assume that this could be more than a simple asteroid or comet. Because translated, he means "the scout."


Do you think that this is a research satellite?

Already on October 19, 2017, the object was discovered. It rushed past us between the sun and the earth. At first you paid little attention to the thing from space. It started from a boulder that roams the universe. Nothing special, then.

Unusual trajectory

Nevertheless, one pursued the object and the longer it held the telescope, the more enigmatic it became. Because pretty quickly it was clear: this is not a comet. The tail was missing. But it is not an asteroid either. The flight route just did not fit. It slowed less than expected, was almost unaffected by the gravitational forces of the sun and the other planets. Almost as if it would be controlled. One thing was certain: this is not a thing from our galaxy.

But it was even curious: Despite several bills, it was decided that the object could not be made of stone. It was too easy for that. So it was decided that this would have to be a "scout" from afar. He was given the corresponding Hawaiian name Oumuamua.

Out of sight

Shmuel Bialy and Abraham Loeb from the "Harvard Smithonian Center for Astrophysics" even go one step further. They claim that the object could be an awning that was artificially created. What's more, Oumuamua could be a "fully functioning research satellite". Maybe even the goal was to send him close to the earth.

Anyone who thinks that this is a brainwave of alien fanatics is wrong. Loeb is currently working on a project initiated by none other than Stephen Hawking.

However, there is a catch on the matter. Oumuamua has disappeared and can not be further explored. The "scout" is out of the field of view of any telescope. Maybe it will travel on through the Milky Way. Maybe actually looking for life. Researchers state that humans have built similar objects and shot into space. Now one waits for further, similar objects.

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